Date of August 5th 2014

Florida State

Broward County



My principal of law is knowingly, willingly and intentionally aligned with common law, protect under the Constitution FOR The United States of America, Article 4, that states, “The right of the people being secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violate, and Article 5, that states, No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, nor shall be compel in any criminal case be a witness against himself, nor be deprive of life, liberty, or property, and Article X, that states, The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people, governed and insured by public policy UCC 1-103, and and all “STATE OF…” And pursuant to Florida State Constitution, Article 1, Section 10 that states, Prohibited laws.—No bill of attainder, ex post facto law or law impairing the obligation of contracts shall be passed.”

I AM declared and affirm that MONROE STREET HOLLYWOOD INC (MSHI)/SHAUN PEREIRA: Shaun Pereira: Cruzcielo Pereira: Michael Pereira, etc, never have been and or is: are NOT the rightful owner of property of 2242-2246 of Monroe Street in Hollywood Florida, that by means of perjury they claims to own. I AM declare and affirm that I never filed lawful or legal documentations against MSHI where it reads they had the authority and or were legally and lawfully the owner(s) of property 2242-2246 of Monroe Street, Hollywood Florida at the time of our filings in at former Corporate BROWARD COUNTY PRIVATE PUBLIC RECORDS OFFICE. I AM declared and affirm that all of our documentations filed by us were against the reputed, and previous property owner of 2242-2246 of Monroe Street, Hollywood, Florida, Bertuccelli Anthony. See exhibit A, one of the last letter sent to him by us.

MSHI had an interest on the property when we sent him: them: Shaun Pereira: Cruzcielo Pereira: Mike Pereira a certified mail where it read: warned him: them to get out of the privately owned property after we saw them destroying precious vegetation within the property. See INST# 112312292 of the Broward County Public Records, notarized on date of 05/27/14, and recorded on 5/28/14 of next day, on time of 11: 05 AM (see exhibit B). The Pereira’s were terrified when their inflated ago was suddenly challenged.

We sent the registered mail to the Pereira’s on 05/28/14, and they received it on time of 1:39 PM, and 1:42 PM (see exhibit C). That same day and date, and faster than the speed of light, the Pereira’s went and paid $455 dollars to the allege Title Office of allege Bryce Gilbert and Randall Gilbert for them to manifest a speedy Warranty Deed, and having then electronically recorded it at the County at exact time of 05:02 PM (three hours or so after they received our warning on a registered mail), and with the audacity of them not doing a Title search on the property. See INST# 112314288. Interestingly enough they did noticed that we have filed on an earlier date, documentations on the property, thus deliberately taking one of the date we recorded documentations to forged that that date, and coincidentally, the speedy warranty deed was written, for example on date of 05/23/14! (See exhibit D.)

This Warranty Deed is null and void, and any alteration and or transferring of Deed to anyone else is/would have the same consequences. No one would step on what we worked so hard for. And those that are with suspended licenses (all former corporate agents/attorneys/esquires licenses are suspended, due to the crimes committed to humanity), further, Corporation of…, Court of…, County of…, State of…, Judge of…, Agents of…, Private LLC/LLP/Bank of…, JOHN DOE/John Doe of… are in no position of usurping the lives of anyone, and granting to others any rights that they do not have.

We spoke to Anthony Bertuccelli on the morning of the 29th of May of 2014, and asked him if he went to the title office of Bryce Gilbert/Randall Gilbert to sign away the said property that no longer belonged to him within Broward County, and that by means of a speedy Warranty Deed, and without anyone ever doing a title search, and or without ever checking on local and state level, vital recordings that may pertain to other parties concerning the said property, he supposedly signed to MSHI the Warranty Deed? He told us that he did not go on the evening of the 28th of May to the mentioned title office, as he was aware from a long time that the property was no longer his. Furthermore, the Broward County Public Records works along with these criminals to hide vital documents so they can do their dirty work on the people, just like they went on hiding the title of said property under the name of Masonet Lucy some place where no one can find it. See INSTR # 112320772, notarized on 05/19/14, and recorded on 06/02/14 at 09: 42 AM (see exhibit E). They also have under hiding many vital documents pertaining this matter. We were told that when they do this, after two years they would put it back in the right place! It is all a team work perpetrated by the County clerks of…, COUNTY appraisers of…,  corporate JUDGES of… corporate POLICE of…, and ATTORNEYS to say the least, all working together to take away the civil rights of the people, committing crimes of willful identity theft, violation of public peace, violation of public trust, and in conspiracy against the actual Constitution FOR the united States of America.

A Warranty Deed is useless under common law, and trust law, and regardless, and for a fact, a Warranty Deed only cost ten ($10.00) dollar to be recorded in person, isn’t?

We never heard before of MSHI, as it is clearly stated on the records that our documentations were filed and or registered to the name of Anthony Bertuccelli’s property, not MSHI. We had nothing but nothing to do with MSHI until we lien them for invasion of our property. Furthermore, we thought that MSHI was the name of the building where we live (which real name is Monroe of Hollywood Condominium Apartments, quite similar is it not? ), however it turned out that MONROE STREET HOLLYWOOD INC is a private corporation! We say this because we got very upset after we spoke to Bertucelli Antohony, so we manifested a Deed on his name and MSHI, and registered it at the County so the building of 2238 of Monroe of Hollywood Condominium Apartments inherit the land and or property of 2242 of Monroe Street, Hollywood Florida that is adjacent to, however this was a big mistake when we found out about the confusion and deception of similar names. This mistake it is acknowledged, thus any documentation that was manifested with the name of MSHI is null and void without prejudice. We never knowingly would of had giving the property to this entity that had make us very upset, and invaded our lawful rights.

As a matter of fact, under common law, and under public policy, I have complete power of attorney over the property and any property I: we owned, and without prejudice. See INSTR# 112250828(power of attorney) of date of 04/28/14; INSTR# 112250829(Affidavit of Administration), and INSTR# 112250831 (Truth Affidavit), all hidden from view at the corporate Broward County Public Records in order for the perpetrators commit crimes of treason, malfeasance, and constructive fraud against someone that committed no crime, and did her due diligence.

Former attorneys Bryce Gilbert: Randall Gilbert had also the audacity (besides directly leaving a note on the front door of my unit with his business card that reads: if you do not come to an agreement with us about the property next door, we will sue you). See his card on exhibit F. AND that along with unlawful Plaintiff Shaun Pereira, and his: their appointed Public Notary, Neville Buch, that we strongly believe works at his office, signed under perjury: forgery my signatures as if I had giving the Consent, and or the authority to produce: have released of public documentations that would take away our property as the ones stated below:

Release, and or cancellation of UCC Financing Statement. I never signed to release a UCC Financial Statement to MSHI: Shaun Pereira, see INSTR#112406566 on date of 07/15/14,

Released of Possessory Lien. I never signed a release of possessory lien to MSHI, see INSTR# 112406558, on date of 07/14/14;

Released of Claim of Lien. I never signed a release of claim of lien to MSHI, see INST#112406562, on date of 07/15/14,

I never signed nor did I produced an “affidavit of Truth” to released of “Trust” to MSHI, see INST# 112406554 on date of 07/14/14,

Quit Claim Deed. I never signed a Quick Claim Deed to MSHI, see INSTR# 112406594 on date of 07/15/14, and or never signed a cancellation of Title of property of 2242 of monroe street in hollywood, florida.

All these documentations above were fraudulent filed by the unlawful plaintiff and his alleged attorneys after the warranty deed was issued on 05/28/15, and or after we filed sue against them for crimes of property theft. They deliberately and intentionally signed my name as if I had giving them the authority to grant them the property! See Also Affidavit of Truth About Monroe Street Hollywood Inc., INSTR# 112320770, recorded on 06/02/14; and Affidavit of Denial of Release Of Lien, INSTR # 112412848, recorded on 07/17/14.

I declare and affirm that I never personally, intentionally, deliberately and willingly signed any documentation at the title office of Bryce Gilbert/Randall Gilbert and or in front of Public Notary, Neville Buch, and or any where within Broward County and or the entire State of Florida. All illegal and unlawful actions from MSHI/SHAUN PEREIRA/Shaun Pereira is/are null and void due to the enormity of crimes committed against an innocent Being. Furthermore, a fined of $1.5 million dollars for each violation that occurred now, and or the same amount will apply to any future repeated violation from the Pereira’s, or any former agent that would violate my civil rights under their corporate world of fraud, and pursuant to U.S. Title 18 & 1341, & 1342, and U.S. Code & 1951 that call for 20 years in prison, a fined or both, or death penalty to anyone that is harming the lives, and or taking the lawful civil rights of any American citizen; uses solicitation, pretentious title of authority, conspiracy against rights, malfeasance, extortion, deed fraud, constructive fraud, human trafficking, slavery, violation of public peace, violation of public trust, invasion, false advertizing, terrorism, perjury, treason, willful identity theft, barratry, deprivation of rights under color of law; and pursuant to the fact that a lien of $3.5 million is against LUCY MAYSONET, ET AL, et al, all rights reserve, and against the property 2238, Monroe Street, unit 208, Hollywood, Florida, ET AL, et al, all rights reserve. Anyone, and or anyone would need to pay that amount first if they want to have our property to do commercial business transaction against it, and or against its owner(s) names without consent. The said property is Not under any known or unknown private or public condominium association, except that of it own owner(s), and without prejudice.


It is a fraud to conceal a fraud- Maxims of law.

Anything done under fraud never happened

Right and fraud never go together

One cannot transfer to another a right which he has not

No one ought to gain by another’s loss

I AM declare and affirm that I am the rightful owner of property with address of 2242, Monroe Street, Hollywood Florida, and with full Power of Attorney without prejudice, nunc pro tunc, praeterea preterea as a matter of law, as a matter of fact, and as a matter of public policy of UCC 103, UCC 1-308, UCC# 2013032035, and through a personal UCC Commercial Trust thereof that paid any pending loan if there it was one.

Lawful Property Description, ET AL…, et al…, all rights reserve, and without prejudice.

The West 75 feet of Lot 17, in Block 3, of Hollywood Little Ranches, According to the Plat thereof, as recorded in Plat Book 1, Page 26, of Public Records of Broward county, Florida, A/K/A Lot 17 less The East 25 feet thereof, in Block 3, of Hollywood Little Ranches, According to the Plat thereof, as recorded in Plat Book 1, page 26, of the Public Records of Broward County Florida, ET AL, et al, and without prejudice.

I AM declare and affirm that illegal, and unlawful CACE -14- 014869, fabricated by former attorney/esquires (s) Randall Gilbert/Bryce Gilbert is NULL & VOID AB INITIO NUNC PRO TUNC AD INFINITUM, without prejudice as of this day and date of August 5th of 2014 and any further action have no ramification, and without prejudice.

I AM declare and affirm that any known and or unknown fraudulent documentations that we are not aware off, now or future, and or on the record within corporate Broward County and or within the State of Florida, filed against LUCY MAYSONET , ET AL, et al, with all rights reserve, and against property (s) of 2242-2246, and 2238 Monroe Street, apartment 208 in Hollywood Florida directly or indirectly, and or any illegal and unlawful liens against the said properties, after this day and date of August 5th of 2014 by MSHI: SHAUN PEREIRA: Shaun Pereira: Bryce Gilbert: Randall Gilbert, and or any known or unknown attorney: actor, and in accomplice with former BROWARD COUNTY OF…, COURT OF…, PUBLIC RECORDS OF…is: are null and void: cease and desist and without any consequences, and without prejudice, and  pursuant to # 2013032035, governed and secured by public policy of UCC 1-103 of Public law Policy thereof.

ANY CLAIM made by any former agent/actor against LUCY MAYSONET, ET AL, et al, with all rights reserve, is: are terminated as of this day and date of August 5th of 2014, and without prejudice.

I AM declare and affirm that Injunctive Relief, INST# 112448403, filed on 08/04/14 against LUCY MAYSONET, ET AL, et al, all rights reserve, from Allege Plaintiff’s attorney (s) Bryce J. Gilbert: Randal L. Gilbert is: are rebutted: released, taking effect immediately this day and date of August 5th of 2014 without prejudice. This order that I AM affirming: commanding to be released here on this day and date of August 5th of 2014, after thirty (30) days it becomes law pursuant to UCC 1-103, 1-308 thereof.

I AM declare and affirm that I have caused no harm to anyone, hurt anyone, stole anyone property, nor did I ever filed any initial documentation against impostor MSHI/SHAUN PEREIRA: Shaun Pereira thereof.

I AM declare and affirm that any known or unknown entity (s) personal names of LUCY MAYSONET, ET AL, et al, al rights reserve, to Contract without consent for self-gaining commercial transactions to benefit themselves, and by committing crimes of willful identity theft is charged immediately $1.5 million dollars as it is stated on here: INSTR#112250829, and here: INSTR#112355027.

To the unlawful Plaintiff, MSHI: SHAUN PEREIRA:Shaun Pereira, “Go with peace and learn from your mistakes, lesson BE, lesson learned. Vacate property and take a hike along with everyone on the property. The evidence of your crimes are for the entire world to see. This is something that you deliberately and along with your family, and entire team navigated into. The truth is evident, and the fact that you went and expend money on the property so you can show off your inflated ego to everyone, does not exempt you from your “committed crimes.” Do not embarrass yourselves by pretending being innocent victims when in truth you are criminals, and disgusting perjurers.


MSHI: SHAUN PEREIRA: Shaun Pereira; CRUZCIELO PEREIRA: Cruzcielo Pereira is: are ordered to cease and desist from the entry to our property of 2242-2246 0f Monroe Street Hollywood, Florida. FURTHERMORE, keeping their distance from our lives and property as well of 2238 Monroe Street, unit 208 in Hollywood Florida. Owners of property do not have a contract signed with wet-ink pen signature with MSHI and or any known or unknown LLC ,and or corporation owned by them, where they are legally and lawfully authorize to invade, violate, and infringe our private properties, and our lives.

THESE properties are free of any debts, pursuant to the fact of these properties being in a private Trust. See INSTR# 112250828; 112355027, and 112250829 of the broward county public records, and pursuant to the fact that we do not need to give an explanation: ask permission to former corporations: entities within Broward County how we can handle our affairs, our properties, and our lives.

For his: their crimes committed, MSHI: Shaun Pereira: Michel Pereira: Cruzcielo Pereira is: are released from representing the people in the community of Monroe of Hollywood Condominium Apartments. Furthermore, and due to the fact of them pocketing private funds that belong to the building’s community, the maintenance fee for a unit of two bedrooms is: would be ninety five($95) dollars a month, and eighty five($85) dollars a month for a one bedroom unit, without prejudice. This is: are the amounts that for a fact, a little more or a little less everyone was paying every month before the Pereira’s moved into the building with their inflated ego brainwashing everyone to pay $200 dollars a month!

Furthermore, there it is NOT a condominium Association, none whatsoever, and any presumption that there it was one, it has been rebutted, pursuant to the Constitution FOR the united States of America, and the fact that “there it was never One Condominium Association, nor is under any law, a demand to have one”. All that it has been is a scam by people like the Pereira, that have for example a registration from the STATE to do private business, not under circumstances commit crimes as they have the notion, they have the rights to: They have their own private association that pertain only to their own property. Now what they have done, and under un-disclosure, and fraud, deceive the property owners in order to register in the county their property under their association in order to in the future abuse them. The property owner do not know the different between Monroe of Hollywood Condominium Apartments, and MONROE OF HOLLYWOOD CONDOMINIUM APARTMENTS INC., the last that it is a private corporation owned by the pereira’s. How about that for being clever, and deceptive. Our suggestion to everyone that on their Deed it is written, that their property is under Monroe of Hollywood Condominium Apartments Inc, to immediately create another Deed or a title so they will be protected from crimes like the Pereira’s are committing to the people of taking away their basic rights with extortion, and deed fraud.

It is the responsibility of every unit: property owner to do their best in keeping their community in the best interest for the greatest good, not certainly for the best interests of a few that disguise with authority that under any law, or any circumstances was giving to them. All these information herein was sent to every property owner of the entire building of 2238 Monroe Street, Hollywood Florida [33020] at the time of this presentment being manifested in August of 2014.

This presentment was sent to:See exhibit G, and to

Judge Carol Lisa at 201 SE 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33301

FACTS: Technically, we shouldn’t have to file in court, its a living soul to living soul interaction. No foreclosed corporate courts needed. All private Courts operating under the guise of public courts already foreclosed… (and we quote).  

FURTHERMORE, without the delegated authority and or a binding contract-individual to individual no instrument exists to compel performance, and without the owner of property expressed consent and authority of wet-ink pen signature is: are void, and without any consequences, No third interloper needed.

Absent our knowing, willing and intentional express consent, you are ordered to cease and desist from committing trespass on our domicil of mind and body, our mind and body domicil by choice, our private land and our property, inclusive of any and all direct or indirect contact.

Duly sworn as true and correct, executed on this 5 day of August of 2014, with all rights reserved including the right to make determination of all definitions and intent stated herein, without prejudice, public policy UCC 1-308.

Served on this date of 08/05/14

/s/LUCY MAYSONET, ET AL, et al, all rights reserve

/s/ Lucy Maysonet _____________________

(non-negotiable autograph, all rights reserved)

2242 Monroe Street Hollywood Florida [33020]

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Exhibit F










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