wtop_logo_MEDAs a person that worked in the medical field for a while, I can tell you that the whole system is a fraud. These people that works in the hospital are like robots, trained to follow protocols by making sure that all the paper work are filed just right so then they can invade your body with unnecessary procedures, give you their preferable drugs, and most important getting your identification (social security, driver license) so they can turn to your TREASURY account (straw men) and get pay for the service they provided you. And if that is not enough they will bill you again later for the amount of their services, as if what they did for you is your responsibility from your own pocket. Hospitals are another banking system that steals your signature/ID to keep you hooked to drugs and unnecessary treatments so they can make lots of money. In case you are not aware they work along side with the local police, state officials, Monsanto to provide the food for their ill guests, and last but not least funeral homes, all working in unison to make more money off of you!  Off of your treasury account, just think for a moment, the more they have done to you the bigger their pay out will be!


Why do you think hospitals have all these monstrous machines that are manufactured exclusively to invade your body and make more money than to bring a cure to your disease? The corporations that make all these monstrous machines make billions yearly, and the person that sells them are filthy rich as well! If you look at a hospital very closely you will see that inside this huge enclosed building hide a city of deception and fraud. Most workers are all well paid, and believe or not they even have their own rules and regulation (constitution) much like the ten miles long (private state) of Washington DC INC. And hospitals as well have their own private bank and chapel!


Seen with my own eyes and after they found out who they were working for, many good doctors and nurses left their field to do something else! And although this is out of subject, I have seen lawyers do the same thing too. I will leave this for another day as it is ended funny! But going back to the hospital, please watch out for social workers, they are trained to do more harm than good.

And in case you are not aware hospitals are filthy places whether you want to admitted or not. First of all they do not have any ventilation, and all those machines throughout their departments are all radiation machines that circulate and circulate round and around the same radiation throughout the hospital, including the least of all, the computer system. Not to mention the filthy air one breath from the “air condition” along with the vices/and or energy left from sick people and dead ones as well. Going to a hospital will drain all your energy from the ocean of invisible thick layers of pollution of all the mentioned floating inside.


Are you aware that our medical treatments are supposed to be free, yes you hear right, and by the way, all those scams you hear about medi-care is just that, scams for you to pay them more money! Do not fall for the BS, what you need to do is BE your own doctor by watching what you eat. This is the secret! Use the hospital for any emergency that occurs, and never ever leave a dear one alone in the hospital! Be intuitive and ask questions to the assigned doctors about their intentions.


We all need to take full responsibility for our health, not from anyone else. And for anyone that works in a hospital, be vigilant and think with your heart, also be open minded of what we said here, do not eat their cafeteria food, and take half hour sunbath each day for every day you work so that way you regain your lost energy from that awful environment.


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