Full Moon in Aquarius on 11th of August 2022: Planetary Events

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAL7AAAAJDkzMTQ5YTExLTFiMTktNGU5Yi05NWFlLTdhODExMTRhZmQ2NAThis Full Moon in Aquarius, and according to astrology, is a sign for our humanity moving forward to a New Direction. This is very significant.

As we all know, the moon is about intuition, emotions; gut feeling, nurturing, and big meaning. Which is why she went to Aquarius for support! For support in our new way of living; new creation, and a new norm. And here as well, the moon has the support of Saturn and Uranus squaring the deal. Squaring this event that start a new beginning that will intensified in the next six months.

Aquarius is a problem solver. Aquarius solve problems by detachment. He is about detachment. Detaching from problem seeking without losing the grip of responsibility. Aquarius is about new innovation; new experimentation. He is about strong momentum. And here with the full moon he is pointing for this humanity be highlighting the importance of their values; their moral values. Their spiritual values. Their importance as a human species.

This is huge!

This means new things to come that we cannot even conceive just yet. This means a new social movement of empowerment. This means new technologies; new internet, economic freedom, and etc., etc.

Further, and to support all these changes, Mars, the Master commander in-chief that support the law,+ and actions, is in Taurus. As you are aware of, Taurus, that is ruled by the goddess Venus, and is where the moon gets exalt, is about connections with the feminine aspects. He is about happy relationships with family and friends. He is about financial security. He is about all the resources being available for sustaining life. He is also about taking time for relaxation; about having fun! Which is why he works with both, the moon and the goddess Venus that are feminine. Both the moon and Venus works with family matters, with children, with financial stabilities. In fact, Venus is the goddess of prosperity. The goddess that secure ALL that would benefits the creation.

Be careful with Venus, because she will take everything away from you inclusive your own life, if you were to abuse any kind of resource. If you were to abuse children. If you were to harm a child. If you were to destroy; dishonor the family foundation. Venus strongly practice distribution; redistribution of wealth for everyone equally. Venus can be the most wonderful woman in the world, and she can also be the most vicious whore if you are with a bad habit Venus.

We all want a good habit Venus. A Venus that is caring, a Venus that is able to distribute prosperity for everyone all ways, always. Keep in mind that prosperity is not the same as being wealthy. Prosperity means, being able to get what you need when you need it. For example, if you need to buy groceries, well, Venus have issued you a credit card where you can buy groceries every time you need it. It also means that we have the resources available for producing food for sustaining life. With Venus is a win, win, always. And this is why she is the goddess of prosperity, and this is why we all need Be working with Venus, or else, we all pay the consequences.

Further, and continuing with all these planetary events, Mars, from 10th of August to the 16th of October, Mars would be in Taurus, except for a few weeks from the 16th of October to the 30th of November, he will retrograde in Gemini to discuss with them all these changes that are of extreme concern for our humanity, specially the issues of children,+ and the new technologies, etc. And of course, he will have to listen what Mercury has to say, as Mercury can sees through anything before even becomes a thought. Then Mars will be back the 30th of November to Taurus again, where there he will stay until the 13th of March of next year 2023! This is huge! Here Mars would be as in a vacation- relaxing of course, and as well overseeing all that is taking place on earth. Mars is making sure that everything would go smooth during the beginning of the new NORM.

There is so much more to talk about during these exciting times, however, for now take time to think of how you want the new earth BE. Imagine prosperity for everyone, Imagine, health, wisdom, courage, protection, and peace for all the creation. Imagine a heart full of love, gratitude, and blissing.

We thank you Almighty. We thank you goddess Venus,+ and all the gods and goddesses for all you are giving us.


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