Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Energies

Let us focus our intentions during the energy from this Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon, on 5/5/2023 and beyond, be for the betterment for our Children, and all the creation.

Let us wholeheartedly and responsibly, all ways, always be aware for the safety of our children within our homes, our communities, cities, and country from predators that are abundantly everywhere we turn. Let us all call upon our hearts intuitions when comes making decisions that could harm our children for life, as that of taking and or injecting harmful substances within their bodies, and or keeping an eye on schools, pediatricians, hospitals, and even friends, and family members. Let us all keep a family environment around our children, where they are not expose to alcohol, smoking, recreational drugs; abusive neglecting parents; exposure to long hours watching television programs that harms the cognitive development of our children!

Keep in mind that our children learn by examples.

Our children are Not for negotiations; arrangements, and or are public properties. Our children are Not for experimentations, or for sexual exploitations of any kind! Our children do not belong to an allege STATE, and or allege State. Our children are not for kidnapping, or for sale , and or for sacrificial offering for any god! Our children are not for canabalism!

Our children are a part of our hearts that we all must treasure and honor with respect, responsibility, care, and love, so they can becomes responsible adults.

Let us all declare and command, that those that do harms to our children any which way, and where ever they are, or whomever they may be, Be highly responsible for their actions.

Take your filthy hands off our children Or F****g die! Die like the dirt that you are.

Destroy. Abolish. Terminate. Bury. Any and All institutions that theirs assistance, and or programs are aim for causing harm to our children directly and indirectly.

Terminate ALL that no longer Serve the future for our children,+ and that that no longer serve the greatest good.

Health. Courage. Bravery. Protection. Family. Wisdom. Prosperity. Harmony. Peace. Joy. Be for all our children worldwide. Be for all our humanity worldwide. Be for all the creation worldwide.

Enough Said.

By the power of our hearts intuitions and intentions, So be it. Be it so.

Amen. Amen. Amen.







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