For Duly Declaration of Cancellation Certificate of Title Instr#114551660 in Perpetuity


With due authority and authorization, this presumptive Deed: Title, is cancelled in perpetuity nunc pro tunc, praeterea preterea.








: For this is Michael Pereira, an entity that along with his family: Shaun Pereira: Elva Castillo: Rafael Castillo, that are all members of= are working together with Monroe of Hollywood Condominium Apartments, inc (MHCAI), a non profit organization, and along with strange Williams Solano=House Group Assets LLC= public notary, Rosemary Blank, are together running a racketeering mob…, Continued reading at end of page.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

DULY DECLARATION OF CANCELATION OF CERTIFICATE OF TITLE INSTR#114551660 at Broward County Public Records, in Florida.

FOR STATE OF FLORIDA=- no contract: no authority: no claim: no law

FOR BROWARD COUNTY=- no contract: no authority: no claim: no law

FOR Brenda D. Forman=- no contract: no authority: no claim: no law

FOR Case: 14:009301= perpetuity terminated 45 days of filing in 2013 = for Rizk Saad Elmansy in perpetuity= original holder of suppose loan that has been settled many times over.

FOR HCBC BANK: House Group Asset, LLC: Monroe of Hollywood Condominium Apartments, Inc: Shaun Pereira: Michael Pereira: Sheriffs Scott Israel: Rosemary Blank: Yanina I. Potter: Luan K Brown=-no contract, no authority: no claim: no law, – =theft. Check Records

FOR DUE DECLARATION CANCELLATION FOR BOGUS CERTIFICATE OF TITLE in Perpetuity this date 8/09/17 time 6:58 PM with all rights reserve for private territory at 2238 Monroe Street 208 Hollywood Florida 33020, Filed Broward County Public Records, date 8/09/17 at time of 4: 16: 56 PM, INSTR # 114551660 cancelled in perpetuity with prejudice, and without prejudice.

FOR WRIT OF POSSESSION IS DULY DENIED in perpetuity, filed Broward County Court by Rosemary Blank, et al: Yanina I. Potter, et al, date August 02/17: Posted on private territory 8/09/17 at 11:10 AM by Sherriff Luan K Brown=- no contract: no authority: no claim: no law. For bogus sale of  “presumption sale” of property is Duly Vacated in perpetuity with prejudice, and without prejudice.

FOR legal, and lawful owners for private territory are: IUV TRUST: Ramona Fabre, Audrey Almeida, Antonio Ramirez=trustees, et al, with all rights reserve, and as it is on records worldwide with lawful CONTRACT, recorded at Broward County Public Records: INSTR # 114264478, date 03/16/17, time 08:55 AM, with prejudice, and without prejudice. For Doc#2013032035: Public Police UCC 1-103.

Case No.: 14:009301 terminated 45 days after it was filed in 2013, pursuant: Title 18 U.S.C.& Ch. 96 &1961-1963: For Title 28~ U.S.C.S.~1605:

FOR THE RECORDS: Instr.: 114166469, date 01/24/2017= in perpetuity: Instr.: 113847524, date, 08/02/1016= in Perpetuity: Instr.: 113981475, date 10/13/16= in Perpetuity.  , INSTR# 114552603, date 08/10/17, time at 09: 40 AM, in perpetuity.

FOR Never was first eviction, nor final eviction.

FOR Lucia Maysonet, et al, ET AL never had a loan: a legal or lawful contract with HSBC BANK, = Fraud. FOR private territory at 2238 Monroe Street, 208 in Hollywood Florida have no pending loan, or pending lien. This property is unalienable, without prejudice, and with prejudice. CHECK records for FACTS, =INSTR # 114264478. FOR anyone having the audacity making false claim with false defendant: plaintiff, beneficiary, and without lawful CONTRACT with property owners= treason+$1.5milion fine. For if No Lawful Contract exist=no authority: no claim: no law. Keep off private territory in Perpetuity. 8/09/17.

/s/ Lucia Maysonet: trustee for property

/s/ Ramona Fabre: trustee for property


Below, these documents are filed at Broward County Public Records, and worldwide on the internet.


Main document: cancellation.









Notice of EVICTION by the pereira’s and their accomplish, Rosemary Blank (a covert family member, and a public notary) that has been trying getting us out from our home by filing at court each month foreclose notices since 2013. Further, and a fact, House Group Asset LLC  have no connections to Monroe Hollywood Condominium Apartments inc, and the address of 1446 Polk Street in Hollywood Florida, do not match. This address is for an abandon property, that owner is not House Group Asset LLC or MHCAI. This was verified on date of 8/10/17. See exhibit B-C.


This eviction notice was immediately cancelled in perpetuity, with prejudice, and without prejudice.


The Bogus Title, fabricated with fraud was immediately cancelled in perpetuity, with prejudice, and without prejudice. For no contract: no authority: no claim: no law. For accounts NAMES are not original human beings. For they were created without consent, and without authority for committing fraud against, and through identity theft.

For the slavery system used these scams for defrauding the people. For this is visible NOW= the END of it= OPPT.




Receipt of recording documents at Broward County Public Records








FACTUALIZED TRUST DOCUMENT= Lucy Maysonet is ORIGINAL CREATOR, and owner of any PUBLIC account(s) on her name that has been created for identity theft. This means that no one can use these accounts that have Lucia Maysonet name written in many forms ( example, LUCIA MAYSONET: MAYSONET, LUCIA: Lucia, Maysonet, Maysonet, Lucia…). Under any circumstance, these names are NOT be use as an asset by anyone known or unknown worldwide. If no contract exist between Lucia Maysonet, and another party related to her property, then it is not original. For if No contract= no authority: no claim: no law.

fullsizeoutput_e13Maling list

Note: this presentment was send for Marty Kiar, Broward County public servant at

Email Marty Kiar for his immediate attention with prejudice, and without prejudice.






Exhibit A

This is how it appeared on the corporal website of Broward County Public Records= IUV TRUST, FABRE, RAMONA, ET AL. This has nothing to do with Maysonet, Lucia, ET AL, that is the NAME of an account. NOT an original human being. Further, it is obvious that if anyone is having an issue with owner of property, the only logical thing to do is file against the actual owner of that property, not someone else name. For Follow court procedures.




Exhibit B

This is the name of the property address on 1446 Polk Street in Hollywood= Blima Inc., nothing compare to House Group Asset LLC Or Monroe of Hollywood Condominium Apartments Inc.





For Court documentations were filed on 08/14/17 for all unlawful Doings be null and void in perpetuity. FOR INSTR# 114552603: INSTR# 114554902 in perpetuity.

Below is contract that is on record here: INSTR # 114264478





























FOR filed at Broward County Court on 08/14/17









Receipt for mail sent for Brenda D Forman, County Clerk, and Marty Kiar at Broward County entry= records=- tax.








Receipt from the documents sent for the Hollywood: Broward  police, and strange William J Solano, or Rosemary Blank, that is a public notary.








Updated WARNING: NOTICE post on window of territorial property, without prejudice.







Continued reading….

ALL visible Broward County Public Records staff: corporal agents violated a contract that is with owner(s) of property=IUV Trust after they were paid for their services, and giving written notice of no infringements=INSTR # 114264478= exhibit A. They deliberately, and through corporal fraud= racketeering “presumptively” transferred title of our territory to House Group Assets LLC=Williams Solano: MHCAI=Shaun Pereira, that visible did not file at court the true name of property owners as it is on records, and as it should be for court procedures. Further, and as a fact, House Group Assets LLC have no relation to MHCAI on records, NOR does Brenda Forman County Clerk: MHCAI= owners: House Group Assets LLC= strange William J Solano= public notary, Rosemary Blank have no standing authority for using public accounts names that are written in many forms for gaining wealth against the originals owners of territory, and disguising as legal and lawful.

For if they do not have a contract with the owners of territory at 2238 Monroe Street, 208 Hollywood Florida, as it is written in contract with all owners of territory, and as it is on public records worldwide, then they have no standing authority: no claim: no law, and must vacate such presumption of ownership of territory in perpetuity without prejudice, and with prejudice.

ALL is visible, all ways, always.

Michael Pereira: Shaun Pereira: Williams J. Solano, and team members= Elva Castillo: Rafael Castillo: Public notary, Rosemary Blank are with perpetuity order for staying away from the territory 2238 Monroe street, 208 Hollywood Florida, which owners are IUV Trust, and its trustees, protected under common law, and natural law.

For Corporal fraud not apply.

For MHCI= Shaun Pereira: Michael Pereira are with immediate pending fines for $3.5million; the least since 2013 for their crimes of infringements, subjugations, subordinations, and extortion against our family. Read here:  this is from 2014.

FOR The Pereira’s and team members: Elva Castillo: Rafael Castillo as described, + Williams J. Solano: public notary, Rosemary Blank are with fine each for $350, 000+ ordered for cease and desist with perpetuity be near NOT the territory, 2238 Monroe Street, Hollywood Florida + a $25 a day if holding hostage lawful parking space of our territory.

Navigate: = This worldwide Declaration Notice.

: By original Lucy Maysonet, and trustees for territory.

NOTE: portion for this document is recorded at private Broward County public records office, for the records only. We paid for their services with no infringements, as it is state within contract.

>>> And then they were caught with their pants down, = THE COURT, + MHCAI, + House Group Assets, LLC.  FOR  Link here:



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