First Full Moon in 2023: Numbers


This First Full Moon in January 2023, is signaling us paying attention for change. For restoration; for renewal, for cleansing. This is great time for removing from our lives, and within a wider scale, all that that no longer serves us. All that no longer serves our humanity. All that no longer serves the creation.

We need deep Reflecting here. It is about looking inwards and looking at those areas of our lives that need change; that needs growth; that needs renovation.

This Full Moon is also signaling us taking priority for our family. Taking priority for our children. Taking priority for our elders. And as well taking priority for being at nature; being with nature.

It is also signaling us looking at our finances; our business, our stability, and our security before going deep into this New Year 2023.

This Full Moon is signaling us Not to give up. She is signaling us Be Resilient; be independent and having self-effort; self-ability moving forward and getting back Up from all loss, and difficulties. She is signaling us making a New Path that is better for us individually, and as well for the greatest good. She is signaling Rebirth from all angles. She is signaling rebirth for a new You; new Me; new Us. The rebirth for a new nation(s); the rebirth for a better lifestyle; for a better self. The rebirth for a better world.

Which bring us to numerology that indeed high- lights everything. For example, this New Year 2023 carries the numbers.= 2+2+3= 7. Seven is associated with some kind of completion within the creation from Prime Creator, however, this will be a subject for another day. For now, let us point out that number seven is associated as well with spirituality. It is about going deeper within ourselves and recognizing our deepest wounds; our deepest scars, and our deepest darkness. In all, number seven is about going deep within and cleansing all wounds, all scars, and all darkness, by us reflecting; by us surrendering to our deepest integrity and letting go of what no longer serves us that all along has been holding us back moving forward with honor, grace, and responsibility. Number seven allows us connecting with the divine by means of cleansing, and letting the Christ light shine within.

And in case you ask about number three. Well, Number three represents a triangle. The triangle says that all things in nature repeats itself and renews itself. And number two says that all in nature is mirrored. And number four, as 2+2= four, represents a square. The square says that in order for life to exists, the four vital elements must be squaring each other. These four elements are, air, fire, water, and earth. Interesting, is it not? The more you know.

Prayer for this Full Moon:

I am purifying my mind, soul, and body with this divine energy from this January 2023 Full Moon and beyond. I am letting go all that no longer serves me. I am renewal. I am whole. I am heal. I am heart centered. I am brave. And I am align with divine purpose. Thank you. Heart. Heart. Heart. Amen. And so it is.

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