The topic of enforcement always rears its head at a moment of “shake out”/”visibility”…Absolute Transparency…so I DO NOW give more data as we arrive to Absolute Context and Knowledge of what IS:

[5/6/2013 7:31:42 PM] mark: ??? Can it be enforced ??? Will the Provost Marshalls be able to enforce it?

Heather: Enforcement. Hhhmmmm. Training and programming was excellently done..and I give Absolute Gratitude for the DO’ing of every embodiment so that these experiences are in eternal essence conscious…DONE so that it is experienced and informed choices can BE DONE in all moments of NOW after the finale

What is enforcement? That is perhaps the best place to start…to know what each considers “enforcement”.

EN FORCE? IN FORCE? I DO begin the DE-CODE of the illusion of ENFORCE’ment… TO RECONCILE the programming/training of the ILLUSION of preset conditions and expectation, also known as ENFORCE’ment so that all may KNOW ABSOLUTE TRUTH what IS, and BE visible all along and is DONE….INFORCE’ment.

Inforcement has been happening ALL along…just not the way any embodiment expected it because it was hidden by design…for the experience…many do not see enforcement, because what is happening is inforcement… but they sense inforcement more and more each moment of NOW. All embodiments in eternal essence’s universe then DO KNOW what they saw and experienced and heard all these recent moments was in Absolute Truth Inforcement…and that it was visible EVERY MOMENT.

Because many embodiments were taught the former systems’ enforcement and how it is to be seen, experienced and known, many embodiments were previously unable to know, see or sense inforcement. However, those at the top of those former systems, who controlled those former systems, know inforcement and know that inforcement IS happening…and that all the inforcement has been and IS visible all this time…

THAT IS WHAT MAKES THEM NERVOUS…THAT ALL DO KNOW, SEE and CONSCIOUSLY DO INFORCEMENT…THAT IS WHAT THEY FEAR…and I DO put that inforcement into Absolute Context NOW in these final moments of the finale for all to know, see and experience…if they choose by their free will to DO…WITH ABSOLUTE LOVE, GRATITUDE and PEACE.

Just because one can not visualize Absolute Inforcement, or comprehend the Absolute Context of what IS visibly happening…does not mean it does not exist or is not happening…the data is here…when has something else existed and been enforced that no one could see or sense..and when they could finally sense it they still could not see it and when they could see it they could not comprehend it or know the mechaniations of it, but they knew they were experiencing it? …How about we use something familiar to many?:

The former slavery systems were existing and enforced before any one saw them visibly or sensed them…even when sensed they were not seen…and when seen they were not known in Absolute Context….and every moment, of existence and enforcement, those who were in control PAID ALL ENERGY to make them not visible, not sensed, not known…yet enforced…they knew embodiments were awakening when the former systems could be sensed…they knew they were sensed by the thoughts, words and actions of the embodiments…they also knew that sensing can lead to seeing and that seeing can evolve to knowing….and that knowing can evolve to DO’ing, well, what has been and IS happening NOW  (heart).

BE’ing and DO’ing are Absolute IMPowerment ….that is a part of Inforcement….thanks to the DO’ing of embodiments like you, and many, many others, since the experiment/experience began, all that IS, BE made visible to see, know and then to experience as chosen by free will choice.

I thank you for confirming the current vulnerabilities and concerns of you,and those you work with…I honor, love and respect you all….and I unconditionally give absolute love, peace and gratitude for you BE’ing and DO’ing what you BE…

Please continue to sense, experience, and know as it resonates within




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