Dr. Rashid Buttar Exposes Fake Pandemic Numbers as Economy Collapses

6DAEB4C2-E895-4174-9DC2-CD654F651FC0If you think that Dr Shiva is putting the dirt out of the bag without prejudice, wait until Dr Rashid Buttar as well, show you in depths the manufactured SCAMDEMIC call CoronaVirus.

Pay attention, and take note because it would blow your mind! Do not fall for the false narrative, and do not consent on taking any tests, and or any kind of vaccinations from local so call political prostitutes that disguise as public servants. Open your eyes, and have courage to say NO! It is our health, and the future of our children that is at stake here, and that of the entire human race. Further, it is our responsibility to share vital information so we all are aware of the fraud. So everyone take the proper measures about their own health, and that of their own family. Silence= we consent of the malice. Together we should overcome the evil. Together we should bring them to dust! so be it!

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

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http://wetheonepeople.com/dr-rashid-buttar-exposes-fake-pandemic-numbers-as-economy-collapses/  = this posting





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