Doctors Are Being Killed For Saving Our Children









We all know of the crimes committed by the Food and Drug Administration, which happens to be for a fact a criminal syndicate organization on the task to kill people any which way. By now we, the American people should be very aware of this evil enterprise. We can not emphasize enough that the responsibility of our health is no one responsibility but that of our own self(s). We also need to comprehend that we are the ultimate authority in deciding to take a prescription drug or not, or that of vaccinating our children!!!


If you are scare that you might get in trouble for this, ask yourself, when did you give any government and or criminal agency power of attorney over the decisions of your live and that of your family? There are many measures that you can take as that of making a Declaration declaring your intentions- meaning a well prepared document, then notarize it and then send it to the vital records as well as recording it at the public records of your county.

You might as well will like to know and or be aware of your basic human rights that are in our Constitution FOR the United States of America; common law.

LET US TELL  you that Amish people of this country do not vaccinate their children, and for a fact there are not a single case of all these health issues most the American children have. Also we know that many Jewish family do not vaccinate their children and for a fact these children are the healthier children and the most amazing children full of talent and wisdom!

Parents need to be educated and take more responsibility for the lives they bring to this world, if not you should not take on such of task. Ignorance is no excuse, and especially now when nothing is hidden under the sun!

We also will like to bring to your attention that whether you are aware or not, vaccinating your children is a crime, and you are the one committing it. NOT THE DOCTOR. Please read, search the net, ask questions, and most important listen to your inner gut (heart) as we know for a fact that deep inside, your heart is telling you what is right or wrong.

Avoid all intrusive vaccination to your precious body where spirit reside, eat healthy food enrich with the vital ingredients- you have to be responsible of what it is that is going into your body as well as that of your own family.

THESE ARE THE MAIN PRIORITIES IN LIFE. If these are ignored the entire universe will not know where it’s going, and this would bring chaos to our organs, making them to fail of their own functions, ultimately affecting us to die prematurely, and or causing family issues, and ultimately the entire social structure of our community and the country.

We are the power that BE. BE who you are. Be responsible and KNOW that you are the ultimate authority to decide what goes into your body and that of our own family.

Please listen to this video as it is vital to do so. This will give you an idea of what we are talking about and WHAT YOU NEED TO BE aware of.


And this one too


And then you have these crimes committed for a pay check. And unfortunately the ones that do not participate in these crimes are murdered and or kill by some mysterious circumstances.

~we the people


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