Deep Diving


During the month of February, and part of March of this year 2023, it is a time for deep diving our deepest secrets, our deepest emotions; our deepest shadows.

Take time for reflecting. Take time for confronting all these deep issues matters not how dark they may be. It is the only way you/we can move forward with courage, responsibility, clarity, and expansion.

We cannot expand if we are stuck thus we must release all obstacles that in truth are nothing more than BLOCKED ENERGIES. These energies are knotted within our muscles, within our blood; within our energy field, within our minds, and within our hearts. And many of these are even inherited from our ancestors, from our previous lives, and from a chaotic childhood, etc.

This is very serious. And this is why we must be alert about the heavenly energies that can aid us releasing these obstructing obstacles that are destroying our health, our relationships, our economic, and our lives.

It is never too late for us taking control of our lives. And in order for us taking control of our lives, we must first confront the monster within us. Be Not afraid, go ahead and be brave because the fact is, that if we want to expand; if we want expansion within this universe; if we want living forever, we must become warriors for truth; warriors for clarity, warriors for knowledge, warriors for expression, warriors for courage, warriors for service, and warriors of light.

Hold your sword tight and know that darkness and light; duality and creation, comes all from the same tree. Know that power is knowing the differences from these forces. Honor their power, and power would be giving onto you. Know that your power is rely upon discernment, and also letting others do the same.

Know that no one is coming to save you/us, although some benevolent god/force can aid us through trouble times, however, our own destinies rests upon us. Rests upon our own power within. Rests upon our own heart integrity, our own heart’s mind; our own heart intuition, and upon our own power of discernment. Our own power of truth, knowledge, responsibility, honor, and continuing education; continuing learning, continuing experiences, and continuing expansion.

Know that the kingdom of heaven is within you, said Master Jesus. And he also said, “whatever I can do, you can do too.” Here he is clearly pointing for us embracing all the facet of spirit- just like he did. And he also said, “ I AM.” As asserting, “I AM spirit, or spirit and I are one, or the force and I are one” This is something for deep diving, is it not?

 Enough said.

Starting right now, say to your own self, “I AM. I AM. I AM. I AM Spirit.”

Now say with confident, “ I am expansion. I am expanding. I am the universe.”

Now, and all ways always, say with warm and brave heart:

I am the medicine

I am the protector

I am the way

I am the truth

I am the light

I am the life

Who do you think said these?

Enlightening, Right?

Give Not your power to anyone. And let not false illusion, power for greed, unhealthy addictions, un-empathy; unkindness; unhealthy relationship, and toxic behavior rob you of your own value. Rob you of your own responsibility. Rob you of your own family. Rob you of your own health. Rob you of your own purpose. Rob you of your own divine self. Rob you of your own heart. Rob you of your own joy. Rob you of your own shining light.

Know that all these affirmations will shift your perception for an empowering you. For an empowering future. For an empowering humanity. For an empowering world.

Courage is a virtue.

Heart. Courage. Expansion. Learning. Truth. Health. Wealth. Empathy. Unity. Family. Children. Integrity. Devotion. Harmony. Freedom. Protection. Responsibility. Honor. Love.

So be it.

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