Deciphering the 2nd Amendment: Harmful Technologies


Can you see: feel her energy: the earth energy? Note that she is even using a base plant broom!








Take time for watching this first video about deciphering the 2ndAmendment with Mark Passio: worth watching.

~ – = For foreign agents: corporal pay for hire employees have no written authorized delegated authority for inciting violence:  use our youth for malice purposes: disguise as our organic government: let along suggesting changing the supreme standing laws for our country.

We also we’ll like bringing the attention of: for the educational system, especially in the State of Florida where the High School shooting took place on Valentine Day, 2018, which is basically a slap on the face to: for all the American people by the corporal criminals: DEEP STATE Zionists satanists in human form.

Can you imagine the commotion: the heart breaking consequences where our children are being involve: brainwashed: rescued by these clever fuckwits that think we are a bunch of dumb fuck: and that playing with our precious children as their toys, is [Just] target for their intentional malicious terrorizing killing games spree.

: We are calling the Department of Education, if there is still one in place, and along with the perpetrators for such actions that under any circumstances our children are going being subjects to “metal detectors,+ and demanding for them bringing clear back packs to schools” amount other. AS we all can see, these are the END results from the end games for these criminals making money: selling these gadgets to the same people they play criminal games with.

: We do not want: need having our children going through any metal detectors scans for getting in their schools each day: where ultimately this would cook their brain cells with direct radiation, and then brainwashing them even more like zombies, as if they are not already suffering the consequences from the inclosed classrooms loaded with harmful wi-fy waves, breathing dirty air conditioning, and being sexually harass by thirsty satanists demons that disguise as teachers, police, and staff members.

: We the people are commanding: demanding the cease and desist for these actions: gadgets immediately. Cease and desist your infringements upon our people, and our children. ~ – = For we command all perpetrators be taking down: be liable, accountable, and responsible for all actions for harming others.

: And further, we are taking this opportunity for reminding everyone about even more harmful technologies as are your very own cells phones. We advice for you using your cells phones ONLY when in needs for doing so, and quick: NO, we do not recommend for you being on the cell phone talking for hours with your friends all around the world while cooking a meal OR while feeding your children! AND certainly not when you are driving OR when walking the busy streets!

WHAT the…

AND very important IS that during the night you set your phone on airplane mode: in fact you should have your phone always on airplane mode unless it is obvious for a short time. Turn off (unplug from the wall) your wi-fi: computer also, = practice… practice.  This is very important, and specially where there are children! Remember that the cells phones bring down our innate energy, thus we are then vulnerable for the trafficking from demons that invade our space: our body. When this happens this mean we are vibrating at a lower frequency, which is where demons exist. The cells phones are meant for lowering our vibrations, deliberately. FURTHER, avoid baby monitoring!

AND if possible educate your children at home OR get together with neighbors in your community: be creative about the education for your children… You are free for taking control for your life and that of your family. Teach your children honoring who they are, = male: female, and do not allow anyone infringing this. Teach your children honoring the creation, and most certainly practicing moral values. Teach your children having courage. Teach your children about discernment. Protect your children 24/7. Tell your children they have unimaginable power, and that they are magnificent beings!

Remember that possessed- destructive satanists demons are everywhere, and their favorite habitat are schools, = private or public: churches, bars, theaters, the entertaining industry, the health care industry,  government agencies, and most certainly within ourselves in full control of us, OR not.

Further, you might want checking if you have installed in your electric reading, “a smart meter”, if you do, make sure you immediately get rid of, as this does ten times the damage as does the cells phones, and within a wider range! Call your electric server now to change this!

Further, you will want to check into the new technology call 5G> for it is the latest for cooking us all slowly but surely. This technology will literally have the potential for destroying our organs: literally killing us with the powerful wave that it is NOT for us [the human body] be around. It is bad enough what we already have, let along higher waves! DO NOT BUY INTO THIS. Do your own research, and run for your life and that of your family. Further, do we remind you that microchip is related with this…, yes it does.

Remember that a well informed people, do not allow these happening…

: We the people are commanding: demanding the dismantling for 5G immediately: holding accountable the perpetrators.

Also you want at all cost staying away from the television, and specially your children! Throw out the window the fucking television that is in the middle of the living room where the grandparents, and like robots that they seems being, sittings all day watching the sports channel, thus the grand children end up watching television whether they like it or not. TELL the grand parents, and specially when they are babysitting NOT turning the television on! Oh, and how about the uncle that comes and visit often…, the one that is a movie-holic 24/7? BUT wait, how about the parents that before going sleep for the night they must watch at least two hours of television garbage like comedy OR shows like “the living dead…? ” UGRRR… STOP. STOP. STOP. The sound and waves from the television lower as well our innate vibrations directly from our central chakra that is the Navel chakra! And do not let us start with your favorite radio station?

Instead, before sleep do some meditation: prayers: eat an apple: drink a cup of tea (linden tea is great OR mint tea: avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking!) Further, avoid eating a heavy meal late at night, for this is straining for our body cells. Learn loving thycells, and they would keep you healthy wealthy! Also make sure you get plenty rest, like sleeping your eight hours daily!

ARE YOU aware that in essence we are organic cells phones? READ again that we stated, “organic” meaning natural: nature intelligence. This is a fact, however, the demons do not want us knowing this because if we do, they are done with= finish. Which is why they keep on inventing technologies that would go against, = bringing us down OR bringing our vibration down! Destroying us= death by all ways possible…

ARE you comprehending what we are stating here? It’s been a long ride, isn’t?

AND now that you comprehend, we are teaching you having courage: learning playing the game… Right now shift consciousness even if it is slowly for your highest potentials: and having the time of your life!

: Rise! You are the power that Be. You are magnificent Beings! Our existence matter, and it is worth fighting for.

: IT is time for knowing our enemies. It is time for confronting our enemies. It is time for sending our enemies where they belong. It is time for us knowing what is fake and what is real: It is time for tuning in the most highest technology in the universe, = our heart fire intuition, and then kick ass!

We’ll stop here for now. We’ll continue this topic later.

: ALSO keep in mind that we are changing at a rapid speed, and surprises are coming from all directions… Be NOT alarm: disappoint. Instead celebrate these amazing times navigating through them successfully as the warriors of light that we all are.

IF warriors of light are aware the games the enemy play with, we successfully make them loose: Destroying them.

Trust the Plan, and wish for planet earth being the most powerful planet in the universe where its people are magnificent beings with unimaginable great power for the greatest good.

Spend time with nature… at least ten minutes of sun light daily: taking the kids to the park, the beach, the back yard… Oh, and how about walking barefoot, this is magic! AND do practice ingesting healthy- natural food!

Enjoy your journey, and remember that we are all our own  militia: this include our military that works with: for the people and protecting our country. Together we stand. We govern ourselves, and this the demonic satanists hate very much so. Just send them tons of light, and say you do not consent: command: demand they leave our own universe OR be destroy immediately.

AND we quote: Love without courage is not love.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3. Judge NOT yet.

Video 4: Carefully listen to this presentation by a “gold digger con” where he for a fact say that 5G is a GAME changer for making money, and that is what really matters. The dangers of 5G should never be talk about, this is what he is implying! LOOK on your right of the video for all the hidden truth of 5G!

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~the people



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