Clear our Path

Almighty Creator, Divine Mother, Divine Architect, Divine Teacher, lead this nation, and all nations and their people through the right path. With your enlightening energy wipe away their darkness within! Wipe away theirs vicious demons! Wipe away theirs vicious legions! Wipe away their ignorance and fill their hearts and minds with wisdom, courage, bravery, responsibility, health, integrity, prosperity, joy!

Discard what no longer serve our people!

Discard what no longer serve the greatest good!

Protection for our children, our women, and our men Now

Old Matrix begone!

New timeline Now

Blissing be upon our planet EARTH

Blissing be upon all our people

Blissing be upon all the creation

Prosperity all ways, always Be for everyone worldwide Now

Joy. Heart.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

So be it!


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