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Enjoy these Holidays everyone. And remember to be of help to those that are in needs like for example the neighbor that lost his or her job and need a helping hand, the homeless that need a hot meal, the family member that is having health issues and need for you to share some company with his or her, or the dog or cat that need to be rescued from the streets to a safe home, etc, etc. And bless everyone.

It is the birthing of a new Dawn, a new Sun-rise, a new Jesus, a new Year, a new Season- the Winter Season of 2014 making its Grand Entrance through another universal round of magnificence for us all to thrive this earthly experience. And for us all to take responsibility for sharing our goods and wealth by always helping each other, respecting all of our vulnerable creatures, and loving each other selfishly from our inner heart centre of connectedness

Let us all have fun! And read below from share the spirit this captivating article as well, enjoy.


This winter holiday, I wish to experience the profound peace that the season holds. I wish to unplug from incessant scheduling and electronic distractions, and pause to feel what’s magical again – to hear the quiet of nature, and in the stillness, remember the sacred. Let us listen to the silent night and feel the thrill in our hearts for the gift of life. May we receive all the spiritual riches we’re given, and realize that we’re each a luminous part of it all.

So often we deny ourselves our own worth. We can so easily feel in this world like we’re never enough – like the next teacher or book will hold the answers that only we can give ourselves. Even the New Age world can sometimes leave us feeling inadequate, but the truth is that we’re so incredibly special and so loved. Do not doubt yourself, but sing the unique song you came here to sing! and out loud for all to hear. You are so very brave as you get back up again and again in this shining opportunity of life. Remember that we do it to grow with love. Now in our human evolution, we’re getting to a place of inner knowing without words, and it comes naturally to all – even to those of us who aren’t “spiritual.” This knowing is quite simply love.

We love each other so much. Stop and listen, and see that this is everywhere. Love is the eternal message delivered by illuminated masters through the ages. It is the message of the story of Christmas, delivered by a newborn who came to remind us of our true essence. The nativity scene so perfectly represents the unconditional love that we’re capable of because it is what we feel for our own newborn children, and what we are at heart. This love teaches us how to relieve our suffering and how to find our true selves. Love is always the answer.

May we each of us on this earth forgive ourselves for our human struggles, and realize how beautiful we are – indeed, how spectacular! and eternally loving. May we know the immaculate peace of our souls in the silent night, amidst the natural beauty of winter. In my front yard at dusk, the woods paint a fitting scene. The trees are bare, reaching with elegant branches that slumber and yet are vital with life. They are pregnant with the buds of spring. Their trunks form silhouettes of arches that link together, making a kind of graceful architecture of tall windows. They frame the setting sun as it turns scarlet, and before my eyes build a magnificent cathedral of stained glass in all the colors of fire. The woods have become a glorious temple to God’s love – to our love that is burning with increasing intensity that no one can deny.

We’ve been dormant on this earth for but a brief time, and are waking up to birth what’s been waiting in our hearts. We will find ourselves starstruck by this love that we hold, and then we will know that it has always been within us, simply waiting to be born.


May this New Year of 2014 bring us all much health, abundance of our daily needs, and much, much love, and peace.



Now relax and enjoy this amazing video time and time again, go we know you will!

Little Drummer Boy – Pentatonix from Ken Schmidt on Vimeo.



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