Christmas 2018 at the People’s White House with First Lady Melania








Take time to watch these videos about this year 2018 Christmas decorations at the people’s White House with first Lady Melania. Watch during the first video where she gives a tour describing  the symbolism for each Christmas tree. Actually what she is doing is sending a message for all those that concerns…, and as well the American people. The meaning of the message is that for the rebirth for our great American spirit that is that for liberty, prosperity, freedom, courage, and patriotism. For finally we are taking our country back for never again be taking away from us!

Pray. Pray for the safety for all those that are working for this great task be manifests.  Also pray our hearts be full of eternal lights essence from our Creator during these amazing times, and beyond.

Let the lights shine within our hearts always!

Merry Christmas everyone! +wishing the New Year for 2019 be a glorious year for all the creation= MAGA+ MEGA.  ❤️ So be it!

First Video:

Second Video: here we can see the decor more fully.

Amazing Pictures:


Mr + Mrs Trump =WWG1WGA









And so the evergreen turned RED for the American people symbolizing patriotism.




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~ the people


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