Change is Good


We need to come to the understandings that the world is changing, and what we mean by this is that in order for change to happens or to manifest, the old must go, must become obsolete. And this applies as well to the way we think. We have to BREAK away from the comfort zone we got ourselves so used too. Just to enlighten you allow us to give you a scenario. By now we think that most of you are already aware of the New Age, well, guess what? If you think that you are going to enter the new age loaded with more material things than you can surround yourself with, STOP right now and reflect because is not going to happen. I mean go ahead if you feel like owning a whole town or whatever, but here is the thing, with the energy that is surrounding the earth since 2010 and until now and beyond, we doubt that you will have the energy to engage in all these possessions unless you are doing some kind of project helping your community.

We understand that some people will Get it sooner than later but make it sooner because it will come the time when you might not be able to use for a long while your Cell phone, or maybe cook in your nice and easy electric stove in your kitchen. You have to break away from the illusion and realize that anything is possible, that anything could happen. Lets be creative with our thinking, lets imagine, lets move ON! Remember WHO YOU ARE, and remember that you are the power that BE.

Earth is not going to bring with her on the New Age the old system! This is all we need to remember, we also need to remember that the more attune that we are with each other, the better it will be for you, your family and your community. We are in this together, and spirit earth is willing to help those that are seeking to transcend to the new mentality or to the awareness of becoming ONE with her. One with her means not living an artificial life with toys and gadgets that are destructive to your own evolution.

We are her igneous cells, and it is our duty to take on responsibilities for our own BE’ing and DO’ing as Heather Jaraf-Tucci said. Which by the way I am going to mention OPPT because we are listening some not very nice comment about the OPPT. To those people we say, “fine, your choices and opinion are yours to keep”, but we are moving forward with you or without you. IT IS DONE. We are moving from ZERO POINT FORWARD, meaning all is erased all be done. Earth must cancel what does not serves her any longer in order for her to navigates the NEW.

We will get through this do not despair, the bottom line is that we are moving on to be living a life in peace, eat healthy food, and have a roof over our heads as well as sharing cultures, and doing what we really will love to do like traveling, painting or whatever. People we are already there!

Many are the countries that left the idea of importing their produce by starting to produce them themselves, one example of that is Jamaica, Bolivia, in fact Bolivia even kicked Monsanto-McDonald ass out of their own country! Cuba is another one; this country will serves us for a good example of what we might be going through in the near future.

Money is not really the answer, possibility is, and the doors are already open, welcome!

Please take time to watch this video it is inspiring!



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