Celebrate Life: Love


LOVE is not about immoral value as unconscious sex, sacrificing children, belittling women, destroying the creation,+ accumulating wealth, prestige, intellectuality, titles, or degrees.

Love is the life that beats in every ATOM as it beats in every sun.

Love is infinity tenderness.

GOD as LOVE is found in the HEART-TEMPLE.

Love cannot be defined because it is the DIVINE MOTHER OF THE WORLD.

LOVE is felt in the depths of the heart. It is a delightful living experience. It is a fire which consumes, a divine wine, a rapture for those who drink of it.

Love is a letter, a flower, a kiss that give rise in the depths of the soul to tremendous intimate restlessness, exotic ecstasy, and ineffable sensuality.

In order for true Love to exist, the man and woman must adore each other in all of the seven GREAT COSMIC PLANES.

Love is honoring the creation.

Love is the highest Religion.


And Quote: Of all the things that are taking place within our country+ worldwide with no exceptions, are we finally realizing that we are waking up from the DEAD? And what a most wonderful day realizing this Awesomeness than on Valentine Day. A true Valentine Day is Born. Celebrate Life: Love! <LF>  date 02/14/19

A humble father is taking his daughter to getting marry. ❤️










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