Bob Wright Deposits a DOV


wtop_logo_MEDThis is a transcript of the One People Show from the 29th of July 2013. Bob discusses his DOV deposit from last thursday and the reactions he got from the bank. This is really powerful information because this phase of the process is all about INTERNAL work. Once the documents come out and everything is rubber stamped, the internal understanding and awareness for your own personal edification will still be there.


Brief Summery of Bob’s DOV


Bob Wright Deposited ~ 3 Million Units of Value Last Thursday the 25th.  He called and spoke to the VP of the bank on monday the 29th at which time the VP informed him that the deposit probably would not go threw… more details below.


Updates/Clarifications will be released in time.


It is also important to remember that we are One People, which includes the bankers and their employees, and the lower level employee’s especially want this to go threw just as much as we do.


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The following is Ginger’s Notes and the partial transcript from the show with the story of Bob Wright Depositing his value and followup discussion:



Following Ginger’s note is the transcribed segment with Bob’s recent bank visit information was transcribed (21:50 to 35:00 minutes of show):

Ginger’s Notes & Comments


This show primarily addresses some confusion around Kiri in New Zealand court trials . . . clarifying what “The One People” are and are not . . . and latest updates on those first courageous ones to both educate those working in the old system . . . as well as exposing banks and court system who are still operating fraudulently with excellent scripts/knowledge and their stories.


Regarding Kiri, here is a highly comprehensive update and article Brian Kelly wrote in order to completely clarify what is true and what is not  – Kiri Campbell Trial: Inside the Courtroom

“The One People” . . . is NOT a movement with headquarters somewhere,

but another way to say “humanity” . . . with a common believe that humanity should be free . . . and as ultimately we, humanity, are all The One People (of this planet) . . . ALL in the same canoe here . . . and we ALL support each other here to paddle . . . and we are extremely done! with all the separation agenda now . . . we are ready to make a real connection with anyone and who might need some support . . . as our all our being here is EQUAL on Gaia.


Superb, not to be missed update by Bob on his bank doings (about 21mins into show) . . . with a “certificate of value” . . . with the Assistant Vice President of the main office who was very open to hear him . . . and so essentially he is now waiting to hear back from his bank . . . while they are now looking for the origin of all funding for all loans (which they will never find, because it’s all created out of thin air, digitally) . . . or start paying out his Value.


Note: Bob’s recent bank visit information was fully transcribed below:


Bob:  It’s not even us versus them!  And later on I’m going to tell you about my story/experience with my bank, but the people in the bank that are working ALSO are feeling the repression.


Lisa:  Well, let’s actually address that… because there does seem to be some people who think that Kiri is the ONLY one that’s done this.  Kiri’s just done this in the most public way and has had our complete support, but she’s not the ONLY one.  Not everyone is waiting for Heather.  Not everybody even knows about The One People’s Public Trust or the I UV system; they’re DO’ing their own process; which is pretty much what Kiri did anyway.  But we do have one of our own… Bob has come up with his own declaration and did go and visit his bank, so let’s go to it Bob… tell your story.


Bob:  Well first off, I’m NOT one to wait!


Lisa:  No (agreeing), you’re not.


Bob:  I’m just not a waiter and our DO’ing does NOT depend on any other’s DO’ing!  Just so I get that straight and clear.  My DO’ing I’m responsible for and I’m not depending on anyone else’s DO’ing for my DO’ing.  So I did.


I created what I called a ‘Certificate of Value’ to certify my value being secured in three and a half million units.  I also gave a letter of intent and a foreclosure notice along with the UCC Financing Statement securing all of our value.  That document is I think 20004135 or something like that.  And I presented that to the bank.


Now when I first went into the bank I spoke with the Assistant Vice President and she was very helpful, very nice and she asked me “What can I do for you?” I explained “We are representatives of the new financial system that is forthcoming.  In the position that you’re in I’m sure that you are very well aware that there’s some major changes happening in the financial industry.”


She just laughed.  She is like “You don’t have to tell me!”.  She did let slip that September 1st will be here before we know it.  We can talk about that later.


So I says “Are you aware of the foreclosure of the Bank of International Settlements and all of its charters?”


And she says “No!”


So I gave her a copy of the Foreclosure (Freedom) Flyer and she immediately started to get hesitant.  I assured her, I said “Look!  I’m not here to shut down the bank.  I’ve been a member of this bank since 2009, I would like to continue my relationship with the bank, but I want to do so transparently and under my terms and conditions.”


She then goes “Fine, well what can we do for you?”


I explained to her about the whole process that led to the foreclosure.  And along the way, I’m not going to go through everything in detail, but I explained from the Paradigm Report and what was found; that all loans were fraudulent because they were basically created out of nothing and led back to The People who were always the creditors.


She did confirm that money was created on the spot on the screen.  She confirmed that they don’t have to lend out their deposits; that they lend it based on the exchange of the promissory note. She also confirmed that all money was based and backed by the energy and value of The People.


So she looked at my Certificate of Value and she read the front of it, which basically says that “This is my value, my body, my soul which has been secured under UCC filings blah, blah, blah.  Duly verified so and so forth… all Heather-speak 5 billion units”.  She looked at it and she read it and she says “For every man, woman and child?”  And she goes “Is that for me too?”.


I said “Yes, it’s for you too!  Just because you’re working for a bank does NOT mean that you’re NOT one of The People.”


She understood everything I had been saying up until that point and she said “Well, I really don’t understand how I could have all of this money having not earned it!”


I said, “Well, really, how valuable do you think you are?” I asked her how much she would sell her soul for.  She wouldn’t.  I even offered her one hundred billion for it.  She refused.


I said “Well you’re pretty valuable then, aren’t you?  Don’t you think you should be able to ‘spend’ some of that value?” She seemed to get it and she was like “Well, I don’t know what to do with this certificate. I don’t know how to process it.  This is all new.  I’ve never…”


I said “That’s why it’s called the new financial system!”  I said “Why don’t you take these documents, take it down to your underwriting department.  They can verify the security, the Financing Statement and the numbers that are provided on the document.  They can assign the document a CUSIP number and you can deposit as a security.”


She says “Well, you know an awful lot about the banking industry.”


I said “Well, don’t you think people should know? This is the whole point about operating transparently.”


She goes “Well, okay, well, I’m going to send it down.”  And she whispers in my ear “I really, really hope that this goes through for you, because if it does I’m next in line!”


This is the Assistant Vice President of the bank.


Brian:  This is not the branch either; it’s like the Assistant Vice President of the main office.


Bob:  … the main office… right!  And so she said “We should know within 72 hours.”


So that was last Thursday and I did call the bank this morning.  They transferred me to the Vice President… I’m moving up… and she was in a different office and I spoke with her. She says “Well, I spoke with my assistant and I heard everything that she had to say.  I haven’t seen the documents that you presented yet, but I’m going to tell you that I really don’t think that we can do what you’re asking.”


And I says “Oh really, why?”


And she says “Well, you want us to deposit three and a half million dollars in your account.”


I said “Yes basically!”


And she goes “Well, I didn’t see your certificate or I don’t know the validity of this foreclosure.  I haven’t looked at the documents.”


I said “I understand that.”


She says “From what I understand, there’s no origin of the money?  Where’s the money coming from?  Where’s the money originating?”


And I said “I might ask that same question of you for every loan that you’ve purportedly given to anyone.  Where did the origin of those funds come from? Can you give me the right title and ownership three generations for any loan, any one that you’ve ever given to any person at any time?”


And her response was and I quote “Well, ah, oh!”


(Everyone laughs)

And I says “The reason why you can’t is because we are always the creditors. We are the creditors of every lending transaction ever made and have always been so and remain so. As the creditor and the creator of every representation of value also known as money, right, I wish to deposit that value in your bank. And unless you have a superior court judge giving a lawful reason why these UCC filings are not valid or you have rebutted those filings with specificity and particularity they stand as international law in court.”


And I sent her a letter and I says “You know, the letter basically said that due to the nature of the documents that I gave you in the foreclosure of the banking system for cause of operating private money systems profiteering and benefiting from the operation of a debt slavery system and committing treason against the One People, I would like to verify that you by your actions are not upholding a debt slavery system. Please provide the following. And just what I asked her, documentation of the origin of any funds that have been lent out at any time to anyone, the origin, right and title, three generations.”


“Otherwise without providing that proof, they in fact are admitting to the point that no such documents exist, because no such loan was ever made. And that we in fact, the money is actually coming from us and based on us. By your actions, you are either proving yourself to be complicit in upholding a debt slavery system or I have given you the opportunity to continue to operate honestly and transparently. Which do you choose?”


And she says “Oh, well, I…uh…I’m gonna have to send this to our legal department. You’re not gonna get an answer today.”


So I’m still waiting.


Lisa: I just, yeah, a round of applause.


Chris: Bob, yeah can you publish that letter Brian? Can you publish that letter? I think that’s brilliantly put because it is any loan every made.


Lisa: Somebody just said in the chat room Bob that you should teach a class and say listen to this 20 times a week.


Brian: I’ll go through, I’ll go back to the archives and I will, or gosh if anybody listening wants to go back through the archives and type that up what Bob just said.


Chris: Well, Bob’s got it in a letter. He was reading a letter.


Bob: It’s basically an adaptation of the request for origin of funds.


Chris: Yeah, except you’re asking about all loans not just yours.


Bob: Yes.


Chris: Heather’s was oriented towards investigating the loan that she was involved with, that’s where that came from. Bob’s just extended it out rightfully so to any loan. That really throws down the glove, because its saying prove that you ever made an honest transaction. Show me one. And they can’t. That’s actually hilarious.


Bob: Well, you know they asked me where the origin of my funds were, so I thought turn around was fair play…show me yours.


Chris: Exactly. Cuz it’s standing in front of you.


Bob: And by the way I did give her paperwork showing where the origin of my funds were duly secured. She hasn’t yet, so…


Brian: So big point of the story being is that Kiri’s not the only one. Bob’s not the only one. When I talked to Steve today, D and Heather know of a few other people that have done the exact same thing. As far as the process of releasing the actual DOV documents, you gotta imagine everybody that’s listening to this call, virtually everyone, maybe not everyone right away, because they don’t want to be the first to jump in but virtually everyone that’s in the chat room that’s gonna listen to this call once those DOV documents are officially out, they’re going to the bank. It’s gonna be a floodgate. Right now, what’s happening is the stage is being set for that very thing to take place.


Chris: Exactly. And the work that Bob has done and that Kiri has done is helping us develop a library of conversations that we can use because we’ll be in front of different people. We’ll throw back different things and we’re going to have a whole range of ideas and ways to put it right back in their lap. Prove who the creditor is. Prove that you’ve been doing the right thing all these years. Oh, you can’t? Well, I can prove that I hold the value and here is mine.


Brian adds,

“The stage is being set for the floodgate to be thrown wide open for everyone to go their banks soon”


Success Courtesy Notice stories shared to date . . .

– With a mortgage – “Updated w/Documents: Courtesy Notice Success Story – $99,692.21 Forgiven by Chase Bank

– Bob with a student loan


Special show guest, Jenny from New Zealand gives an live update on Kiri’s situation (about 50mins into show) . . . essentially Kiri has not been allowed into the court room and about 80 supporters showed up . . . it appears that the Governor of NZ will not defend her from a native point of view (normally his job) . . . and she is being completely ignored, held in secret, to be tried by a un-disclosed judge . . . to only be made an example of.


The media initially included a link to a One People group in their first story release . . . but then quickly took it out . . . and now spinning it to look like it is only a Maori issue.


There have been lots of donations for food to help out Kiri’s family . . . and so a big thank you to everyone! (from Jenny).


– News article Protest Closes Courtroom . . . the more exposure globally the better! (see petitions at bottom)

– And Kiri’s Facebook page

Bob leads a beautiful meditation (about 1hr 8mins into show) . . . but since he feels Kiri is there for a reason that cannot be interfered with, the intention of the meditation is for the best outcome for all of mankind . . . and for all those directly oppressing her, for them to feel their own actions reflected back . . . so that they can understand what they are really doing right now experientially.


All the talk now around what will happen on September 1st is about . . . to the hosts’ knowledge . . . is not entirely clear . . . if it will be a new face, but still the old system . . . or a new legitimate system . . . it’s still not clear which face the new Pope will be under . . . but since we have already hit critical mass exposure now, globally . . . sooner or later the end result will be positive! . . . and it’s so important at this time to most fully embody our own power now . . . and remember it’s in our inherent nature to be free and autonomous.


Special show guest, Australian Grant See just was released from his “14 day Vacation Confinement” (jail) to share what happened (about 1hr 27mins into show) . . . and from his detailed story, he definitely made a big impression on both the judge and the law enforcement officers observing . . . as the judge (was caught off guard) and behaved outside of the system . . . no longer able to hide behind the old corporate armor.


Note: Grant’s information was fully transcribed below:


Grant See:  All good and getting better.  I got home last night after 14 days vacation confinement, so it was… I got home about 6.30 last night so I wasn’t craving it, but three Tooheys New stubbies went down really well.


Lisa:  You are an Australian aren’t you!


Grant See:  Must be and proud of it!  (Laughing)


Lisa:  (Laughing).  So can you give us an update on why and how you got out?


Grant See:  Well why I got out … I appealed for leniency because all the authorities and administrator of Grafton gaol said I shouldn’t be there for what I’d done, so I had a lot of help and it was great.  So I got out yesterday… was the fourteenth day on appeal.  Basically had to really use everything I could cause as much, it was definitely an experience that I don’t want to do again.  But it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, but I just missed my kids and I know they missed me and I had this small business, my house here and everything… all the other stuff so I did what I could to get out of there and try and remedy the situation.


Chris:  Grant would it be fair to say that they couldn’t get authority over you, they had no authority to hold you except they decided to hold you until you gave them authority.


Grant See:  Definitely, cause I could tell from the moment I was dragged in there.  This happened on Tuesday 16th anyway.  I came back to the house, I just went for a walk down the beach, I came back and there were two blue coats here in my lounge room.  New South Wales police officers, or blue coats as we call them and a Sheriff who’d been here a couple of weeks prior.  They just said “Mate it’s time to go”.


And they were pretty friendly.  They let me close up everything.  I was able to grab forty bucks I had in my wallet and the file I kept… because this is all over an alleged credit card matter that I stopped paying two years ago when I discovered the discrepancies there; mainly your common garden variety of deceptive acts and practices and fraud.  So I was dragged in there.  I went straight into Ballina local court and the judge was there and at least three or four other officials and people from the bank.


There were no other alleged defendants in there; I was the only one.  I wouldn’t answer any questions then.  They forcibly put me into the witness box and I didn’t want to go in there.  Because I knew that from there you cannot be seen or heard anyway.  So as the judge came out I didn’t stand up, I didn’t acknowledge any of his jurisdiction then.  The moment I said Mr See, I said “I don’t consent to be recognised as the legal identity name or any other name you find on the documents and there is no law legal authorising you to recognise me as the legal identity name blah, blah, blah.


He then proceeded to talk over me.  I immediately responded back “Do you have duly verified documentation that demonstrates to me that you represent true government as constituted at the creation of this country in 1901?”


He said nothing again and just continued talking over me.  I then blurted out “Do you have the duly verified documentation of your standing, your law, your authority and the original accommodation agreement with my wet ink signature on it saying i belong to your corporation?”


Again he did not answer he was just head down the whole time.


It was then cause I was running out of… what next and then I just said “Do you have your oath of office and is it here on record?”


And that was the first time he responded and he just said “Don’t you worry about that” bluntly.


He then asked me to get out of the witness box and come down on the floor in front of the bench and swear something.  I don’t recall what he said, because I cut him off before he finished.


I said boldly and probably a little, I may have handled it from a very authoritarian military sort of charge from the front way and I think I did throw him off and was sort of apparent with some of the other officers in the court.  They were thinking “Geez what’s going on!”


When he said come down and swear, I said “I’m not swearing anything until you prove to me that you are true government!”


And it was right about there that  I realised I crossed the line when I saw him pick up his hammer or whatever they call it… his mallet… and he just whacked it on the bench and said “I sentence you to 28 days for contempt of court!”


It was then that I yelled, “Would that be criminal contempt or civil contempt judge?”


He just ignored it again so I asked him a second time “Would that be criminal contempt or civil contempt?”


By this stage the Sheriff and the police sergeant that were there they were sort of manhandling me out the door.  I finally yelled “I don’t consent to any of this and I waive the benefits!”


It was in a way sort of comical because I knew and I’d warn my kids out earlier that I had a feeling sooner or later this was going to happen and I had this inner feeling it would be contempt, I just didn’t think it would be 28 days.  So that was different.


Lisa:  That was a bit over the top.


Grant See:  Yeah, well like I said I went back in, they accepted my appeal and I was told at the Grafton prison, I was actually told, if I didn’t right out an Affidavit saying “I accept the judges jurisdiction and the court’s jurisdiction and any court orders” he would possibly put me away for another two or three months.  And there was no way… I couldn’t afford to do that for my kids’ benefits more than anything else, so I wrote out the Affidavit, spoke to the legal aid down there and then finally I was once again stripped search before I left the prison.  Handcuffed, thrown in a black box called an escort van with six other ‘real’ criminals.  They’re all really good blokes really… criminals but I got another one and a half hour trip back to Lismore court where the judge was waiting for me, or they made me wait all day and he saw me last.  After a few other people had abused him so I thought “Shit, he’s not happy!”


Because they were throwing them back in the cells each time they came back and telling me “He’s not in a good mood!”.


So I fronted the judge and I just used everything… at this stage it was a sincere intent to apologise to him so that I could just get the appeal accepted and then I knew then he would readjourn it to the 8th August and deal with the original matter which I was in there for which is this alleged twenty five hundred dollar credit card loan which they’d blown out to now.  It was originally a Commonwealth Credit Card Loan but they sold it to a third party interloper called Pioneer Credit Acquisition Services in Perth and now they’ve bumped on their little bit extra… it’s around about eight grand now.


Lisa:  A little bit extra?


Grant See:  Yeah!  That’s right.  It’s a good business that once isn’t it?  So my intention now is to go back in there on the 8th cause I’ve more or less given my Affidavit word I’d go back in there and deal with the banking matter.  I attend to use Heather’s… the One People’s request for documentation of funding which I had been using anyway.


And I used that I thought successfully with another credit card loan with the Citigroup and I sent the same letter a month ago and I haven’t heard a peep from them ever since.  It’s the first time in two years with Citigroup.  Because they hounded me more than the Commonwealth Bank did.  The Commonwealth Bank just went straight for the court process because they’d been trying to get me into court for the last six months.  And I kept sending back their contract offers ‘No contract’ or ‘Conditional Acceptance…’ and it just got down to the stage where they dragged me in.


Lisa:  Are you considered time served for the contempt?


Grant See:  Yes, as far as I know.  They can’t get me for contempt again… that’s the thing I sort of understand from my previous freeman experience.  You’ve got criminal contempt and for criminal contempt there has to be a ‘victim’ or injured party and for civil contempt there has to be a contract and at no stage did I contract with the court.  And as far as I was concerned I didn’t have a lawful contract with the bank anyway.  We never actually got to the banking matter, it was still all in the game with the court.  So I got contempt of court which was a civil matter as far as they were concerned and the 28 days which was reduced by appeal to 14 days as of yesterday. So I’m out now.  The only way I can get done for contempt again is if I, as one of the welfare officers said, if I get into another pissing competition with the judge.


Chris:  Grant what did the staff in the gaol think of the circumstances?


Grant See:  Well generally, because there were two what they call ‘welfare’ officers down there, which once I explained my situation they were more than helpful.  And they said you know they’ve got other inmates in there that have been in there before a court seven, eight, nine times and have been let off for serious offences.  One of the welfare officers, he was the one who said “You got into a pissing competition with the judge and he didn’t like it, he didn’t like what you were asking him.”  And I felt like I had all the power.  He just had the force; the guns, batons and …


Bob:  You mentioned he kept looking down and he wouldn’t address any of your questions.  That in itself says an awful lot.


Grant See:  Oh yeah.


Lisa:  But I mean it sounds to me like again they’ve gone against all their own rules.  If you do not consent and you waive the benefit of their contempt, they’re not supposed to be able to move.  They’re not supposed to be able to make you leave that room.


Grant See:  That’s why I left that bit till last.  I got that straight from Mary Elizabeth Croft.  From reading her book, everyone’s familiar with this, would have read her book “How I clobbered every confiscatory bureaucratic…”


I thought at the time was one of my most powerful methods and shields against  “I do not consent to this and I waive the benefits”.  But it … and it has worked for others but it just didn’t work for me.  They just steamrolled all over it.


Bob:  I think it was this particular judge Grant, that really had a problem.


Lisa:  But that in itself tells you how corrupt the system is.  It depends on the judge, it depends on the mood he’s in.  It depends on how many people have come up before him and pissed him off.  How can an outcome vary to such a degree based on things like that?


It’s so corrupt.  Oh my God I’m cringing in.


Bob:  Well now you understand why it needed to be foreclosed on (laughing).


Lisa:  I do understand absolutely.


Chris:  Yeah well see this is the system revealing to us what it really is.  There was never a justice system.  There was only a system of force.


Grant See:  That’s right!  I was aware of that.  I knew I wasn’t… where I was being invited into or kidnapped into… it had nothing to do with justice and everything to do with commerce and contract.  I’m fully aware that we do not have a justice system.  What we have is all about commerce.  All commerce is contract.


Chris:  Yes there’s no justice system there’s just a system of enforcement.


Grant See:  Exactly!


Lisa:  One of the things that’s also been revealed by people here in Australia that have done investigations into this is the conflict of interest.  Because judges have all of their superannuation and all of their investments tied up in some of these mortgage and credit card investment schemes that the banks run.  So it’s completely in their own personal best interests to ensure the bank wins each and every time.


Chris:  I noticed you said Grant there were representatives from the bank there.  How were they behaving while this was going on?


Grant See:  They were all silent… because it was pretty much just myself and the judge from what I gather when I was escorted out… the police sergeant there was pretty friendly all the way through with me and as he was walking behind me as we got out the door he says “You know I have never seen that before.”


I felt like I definitely caused a disturbance.


Lisa:  Oh you had an impact that’s for sure.


Bob:  And those officers and it sounds to me like you had a lot of sympathy from the people who were actually holding you there.  They got to see firsthand the corruption.  They got to see how this judge behaved obviously out of character… because of the questions that you were asking and I guarantee it’s going to cause them to start asking some questions.


Grant See:  Yeah that’s exactly right.  The thing as well Bob, I’ve just posted a facebook message today and to all my email contacts.  Went I went back in for the appeal yesterday the judge said to the solicitor… yesterday it was just myself and the judge, the solicitor and at least four Sheriffs in there and a couple of court clerks.  The judge actually said “I have never had anyone speak to me and question my authority like that before.”  I thought “Oh Shit he’s sending me back to finish the other 14 days”.  And it was just luck that I had this really good solicitor and she was cute as well.


(All laughing).


Lisa:  Duly noted.


Grant See:  I’m a single guy so you know!  I was surprised at how the judge said “He’d never been spoke, I’ve never had anyone question my authority!”


Chris:  That’s a really important point.  That guy is in the system and his belief set is that his authority is supreme in that room.  He just got awoken.  He just realised there is a big, if you like hole in the armour, the he thought he had and the only thing he’s got to plug it with is a couple of big guys with handcuffs; which makes the system really appear for what it is.  He’s had a real wake-up call too… absolutely.


Brian:  There are just so many people out there who will look at this situation and say “What are you doing – it’s like David against Goliath!”  type of feat that you’re trying to accomplish in there, but what people don’t realise is that there’s a lot of people now standing up against the system because they know that it’s fraudulent and they know that it’s corrupt.  So what really happens is when more people stand up for their rights we are Goliath, they are David and the tables are turned absolutely.  Awareness is the ingredient that leads to that point.


Grant See:  When I got out yesterday I had no money.  I was in Lismore which is about a forty minute drive from where I live and I didn’t want to tell my dad, cause my mum moved to the next world a few years ago so I didn’t want to concern my dad with it again but he was the only one I could turn to so I had to make my way up to his home cause he lived in Lismore.  Knocked on the door and said “Oh dad let me in I’ve escaped.”  I shouldn’t have done that cause it freaked him out a bit. He gave me a lift home and I said “Dad I don’t want any lectures okay. I did what I did.” Cause he’s always saying “You’re a fool, what are you … you can’t win.”


I remember driving home last night and I said “Dad, I love you, but I swore an oath twenty five years ago when I joined the army to defend my country against enemies foreign and domestic and we have a foreign power here that has taken over our country and pretending to be true government.”  I just remind him.  For me it’s the difference between morality and obedience.  Obedience is doing what you’re told regardless of what is right.  Morality is doing what is right, regardless of what you’re told.  Some people are just so plugged into the system.


Anyway I’m home and it’s really a nice feeling.  I’ve got a different appreciation for everything now.


Brian:  Bravo.


Bob:  And this was true for me; all of these actions that are meant to inspire fear in people and spark fear in the hearts of people that this is what will happen is having the opposite effect.  At least on me it is.  It’s causing outrage and it’s inspiring more action.  And this is what I see happening to people.  They’re no longer becoming afraid; because even that point where he refused to answer your questions, right … that is powerful.  And when people see judges squirm like that and they wonder “Why isn’t he answering his question?  Why is he acting this way?”


It reminds me of the movie ‘The Beach’  at the end of the movie the people what had started out as a good idea ended up becoming very corrupt and this whole little community that they had built.  And in the end the one guy the drug dealer who was hosting them, basically called the leader of the communities hand and forced her to show who she really was.  She was willing to kill her own friends. And when she took that action even though the gun was empty, she pulled the trigger, when she took that action it immediately removed any authority that she had.  Everybody saw her for who she was and nobody would follow her anymore.  They all just left.  No matter how much she pleaded… because they saw her for who she really was.


This is what is really opening the eyes of so many people.  A lot of people don’t want to believe the governments are corrupt, they don’t want to believe their police are corrupt, they don’t want to believe their banking system is corrupt. Nobody wants to be taken for a fool. Nobody!  And to accept that and when you see it for yourself you can’t deny it.  It will itch in the back of your head and it will open your eyes to what’s really going on.


I’m so glad that you came on and told your story because regardless of the outcome it has done tremendous things to awaken the world because the whole world is watching.  There’s no way that they can hid anymore.


Grant See:  Thank you Bob and I really want to thank everybody, all The One People for all the support and the calls, especially to my kids and all the concern.  Thank you very much.

Brian:  The thanks goes to you my man for standing in your truth and being a warrior and not backing down for anybody.  Hats off to you my friend?


– Justin




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    I love Bob, I hope they honor his DOV. If he does I am next in line!

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