Blissing be Upon All on this Friday the 13th 2023



Sending lots of blissing for everyone within our nation, and around the world on this magic day, on Friday the 13th. A number associated with Love. Unity. Eternity. 13= 4. Four means authority, government, rule, dominion, creation, time, control, branch; kingdom.

Four= water, blood, feminine, woman, womb, creator, birth, messiah; illumination, revelation. Open portal; door, portal to heaven.

Today, we seal and block any and all evil intentions coming from enemies upon our nation, upon our people, and upon all the creation.

Today we are releasing and sending one thousand folds “all black magic, spells, evil intentions, projections, hexes, and curses, back to sender.

Let the heavenly living waters pours upon our family, upon our children, upon our women, and upon our men today, cleansing all with eternal blissing of prosperity, health, bravery, responsibility, and wisdom.

So be it. Amen

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