Are Humans Merely Sophisticated Programmed Robots?

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Everything in this Virtual Reality works on programming – everything! Programming can be man-made, but most of it originates elsewhere.

Often people accept things happening around them as being “the way things are”. Few suspect that they are programmed to accept “the way things are”. Fewer still comprehend that “the way things are” is because they have been programmed to be that way.

The dimension that we now live in is of the False-Light Creation (Virtual Reality). In the True-Light Creation, energy (prana) is the main activating force for the whole of Creation. True prana is pure. The prana that we use in this dimension is not the pure prana of the True Divine Creation. As I mentioned in Vertical Time Backfires on Darkness, once the “siphon tube” was severed, Darkness lost Its source of true prana and was forced to come up with an alternative form of energy; It manufactured Its own local prana from energy stolen through endless traps/prisons laid for True-Light beings within this sector. This “localized” prana is tainted with evil intent.
I have mentioned many times before about the sector in which Darkness resides.

When the “siphon tube” was severed by the Light, Darkness sealed up Its entire False-Light Creation by “drawing” a massive cube around it and sending the cube into rapid-spinning motion until the cube resembled a sphere. This giant cube contains the sector of Darkness, which is essentially sealed off with no entrances or exits except for those created by the extraordinary methods used by the Attas who are outside of the Virtual Reality. Even Darkness Itself is unwittingly trapped within this giant cube. Inside it (the entire False-Light Creation/Virtual Reality) are many smaller cubes (prisons) containing many universes and/or dimensions. Inside of the Virtual Reality are realities within realities.

Although Darkness has unwittingly imprisoned Itself, It is so deluded now that It has forgotten It is in the very prison It created for others. But even though the sector containing Darkness is sealed, inside of it are many High beings of the True-Light Creation who were trapped in the Evil sector when it was sealed off by Darkness. These High beings have connections to the Pure Realm, which could become stained by Evil via contamination from the trapped parts and projections of the High beings. Therefore, Evil must be stopped.

Since the Usurper is trapped in Its own delusions and illusions, It has begun to think that It is the real creator. In Its crazed delusion It demands to be worshipped and feared. The True Creator does NOT operate on fear or punishment and does NOT demand to be worshipped or glorified. The True Creator is all Unconditional Love, Purity, Light, Beauty, Bliss and Goodness.

False-Light prana is impure and vibrates slower than true prana. Due to various modifications made to the false prana by the Usurper, it spirals through space, causing a lot of confusion and complexity, all of which benefits Darkness to the detriment of Its “prisoners”. The spiralling motion creates and affects time and space enormously. Remember that time and space are also of the False-Light Creation.

When the spiralling energy was introduced by the Usurper, everything in the False Creation underwent massive changes.

The spiralling waveforms carry totally impure information, thus further complicating things in the False-Light Creation. This spiralling energy structure acts as the medium that can influence or cause things to occur from external sources. Hence, the True-Light beings are hindered from expressing the Pure expression of the Divine Will within them. The spiralling motion is one of the foundations of evil programming. The spiralling motion that slowed down the time equivalents of this False Creation creates an effective illusion and barrier to Truth. Before long, the vast majority of the beings trapped here in this Virtual Reality accepted this Virtual Reality as the True System/True Creation. This is in effect the same illusion that trapped the Usurper and thus deluded It.

Evil is extremely complex and difficult to deal with because evil is very much personalized. Any being can be personalized. The beings known as “Time” and “Space” are examples of personalized beings. Due to personalization, things have become so complex that the whole Rescue Operation is extremely delicate and needed a lot of investigation before it could reach this final retrieval point of the Mission. One of the major controlling elements that Darkness introduced into Its False Creation is the process of programming.

Programming occurs on many levels. For example, on a macro level, the Earth is programmed to rotate on its axis and to revolve around the sun; the moon is programmed to revolve around the Earth; the seasons on Earth are programmed to rotate annually; the tides are programmed to ebb and flow at certain intervals. All of these programming actions in turn affect the lives and behaviour of humans and other forms of consciousness. On a micro (personal) level, all beings in this dimension are programmed by the spiralling energy, which is imbedded with various forms of programming that are ultimately of an evil nature. This is why even the best intentions here can often result in negative actions.

The food chain in this False Creation is an example of endless programming. All beings must consume something to exist here – they prey upon one another. Humans arrogantly believe that they are at the “top” of the food chain. In fact, they are mere puppets of the food chain. Programming makes humans function like sophisticated robots doing the bidding of the Usurper. In this sense, humans are somewhat like computers, and the programming of humans is like computer software. In other words, humans do what they are programmed to do. Just imagine what will happen when programming stops in this dimension! It will be total chaos – total madness! However, there are real sophisticated robots created by Anunnaki aliens. These have no Will and are “soulless”, or, more correctly stated, they do not have spirits. These are not to be confused with the robotic programming directed at humans. True consciousnesses have spirits (Will).

Much has been said about freewill, but is there freewill if everything works on programming? Strictly speaking, the only freewill choice anyone can truly make here is whether to remain in the True Light or to reject the True Light. This is a spiritual choice, not a physical one. All other apparent choices are really illusory physical choices that keep everything moving in an apparently orderly manner in this realm so that things appear normal and operate cohesively. Thus, it may be said that one has the “freewill” choice to watch a movie or to go for a run.

There have been many fictional portrayals of the Devil seeking to trick people into giving up their “souls”. There is an element of truth in these stories because the Devil cannot take a person’s Will, which is often called a “soul”. However, It is more correctly called the spirit, which is trapped in the “soul” (the prison of the spirit). See my essay, Mirra of Pondicherry Lives Today. Why is Darkness unable to simply take spirits from True-Light beings? This is because one’s Will cannot be taken by force, even by a being as powerful as Darkness. One’s Will is a part of the True Creator that nothing else can remove, save by the freewill choice of the “owner” to relinquish it. This freewill choice must not be confused with hedonistic options. This freewill acts like a doorway to which only the “owner” has the key. It is this key, so to speak, that Darkness seeks to obtain via deception, programming, traps and other evil mechanisms so that It can eventually possess the Will.

A True-Light being’s Will is their most precious blueprint. This Will is impervious to Darkness UNLESS it is handed over to the Devil (Darkness). This is the ONLY real free choice one has in this Virtual Reality. This freewill is their key to Liberation from Darkness. THOSE WHO STILL HOLD THEIR KEYS ARE THE VIABLES that I have written so much about. Thus, everything else is just a choice of what programming input to succumb to. Hence, sometimes people think they have made a choice, but how many of these “real” choices have already been selected for them through programming? This is something to think about – it gets complicated because it is complicated!

Programming is not only directed at humans. All “life” forms in this dimension are subjected to programming, which is the most powerful controlling mechanism devised by Darkness. All True-Light beings, regardless of their forms of consciousness (mineral, vegetable, animal, human, galactic etc.), have Will, and all are constantly being enticed to part with their metaphorical “key” – their Will – on the spiritual level. As you look around, you can identify some of the programming in nature that is referred to as “instinct”. For example: a mother’s “instinct” to nurture her offspring; ants’ “instinct” to build hills and find food and serve their queen, which runs throughout much of the insect world; geese and other birds fly thousands of kilometres to nest and know how to return to their original homes; salmon do the same. Much behaviour in minerals, plants, animals, humans and so on, is classified as instinctive. Some plants gravitate towards sunlight to grow while others seek the shade. Some animals are diurnal and others are nocturnal. These traits are all based upon programming.

Relatively permanent programming is done at the genetic level, being imbedded in the host’s DNA, which is yet another creation of Darkness to further control Its False Creation. Genetic traits are examples of long-term programming, while the more easily modified traits are dictated by moderate and short-term programming. The amount of life force assigned to each being at “birth” is determined by genetic programming. Anunnaki aliens have surreptitiously done a lot of genetic programming throughout the ages by manipulating DNA.

Generally, short-term programming is done from the unseen levels. There are unseen beings who work from the unseen realms whose roles are primarily the administration of programming in the physical and the astral dimensions. These are the “Asukaz” of Darkness. However, short-term programming can also be done by people who know how to do it on the subtle level.

Further, on the physical level, there are those who use technologies to interfere with brain waves to bring about certain results in people’s thoughts, words and actions. This very dangerous tool is already in use by the ruling elite. The spiralling energy that all beings are subjected to here contains a Dark consciousness that tends towards negativity. It is very difficult for people to actively seek purity in this dimension because the spiralling energy responds to external pressures rather than to internal responses from the True Light. It is this that allows programming on a large scale to be achieved. While the spiralling energy makes the user of it receptive to negative programming, it is the external (outside of the spiralling energy) forces that direct individual and collective programming.

Thus, the spiralling energy acts like a facilitator, while the Asukaz are the catalysts of the programming. There are other “lesser” beings of Darkness who moderate the programming, adjusting levels of intensity and modifying the types of programming. By analogy, many minute “bugs” live on biological bodies without the hosts knowing about them. Likewise, there are many unseen beings all about working on programming that affects peoples’ lives without the victims knowing about it. But, not being aware of the programming does not mean that it does not exist. Many people believe in fate – fate is often caused by external programming or external intervention by the Light or by Darkness.

People are programmed to choose certain foods, schools, friends, intimate relationships etc. KARMA IS A FORM OF SEVERE PROGRAMMING. When a person wakes up to the possibility of programming, he or she has a much better chance of overcoming the programming by consciously willing his or her self to resist the programming. Jealously, rage, fear and sexual arousal are examples of very powerful forms of programming. These can turn the tide of whole kingdoms. There are many stories in history that confirm this to be true. As I have indicated in many of my writings, things are breaking down in this dimension, including the programming and the beings responsible for programming. Since all beings are programmed in this Virtual Reality, the programmers (the Asukaz and others) are themselves programmed by their superiors. Now that programming is breaking down, the Asukaz and other programmers are affected; the signs of this are evident everywhere.

In nature, many anomalies have been reported recently. There have been inverted and circular rainbows sighted. Others have seen rainbows with shifting spectrums of colours. Animals are doing weird things. Chicks and ducklings are leaving their mothers at only two-weeks old. These are unusual patterns! Certain fowl are growing much faster and larger than would be expected; three-week-old ducklings are as large as their mothers – oddly growing up overnight. This bizarre growth has nothing to do with their feed. Ducks and hens who have been harmonious for generations have suddenly begun to attack one another. Drakes and roosters have become cruel in their mating behaviour, often being so brutal that the mating results in the death of the females.

In the animal kingdom, this evil behavior is showing up in cruel treatment of mates and offspring. Mutilations are becoming commonplace due to this cruelty towards one another. Recently, it was reported in a local paper that a woman’s body was mutilated by her small pet dogs after she died of a heart attack. One of her ears was bitten off and consumed by the dogs. Her head was gnawed through. At first, the police thought that the woman had been wounded by a gunshot. Later, forensic examination confirmed that it was the dogs that had mutilated the owner. This was noted as behavioral abnormality by animal behaviorists.

In fact, this is programming gone berserk, and more incidents like this are in the offing. As programming breaks down, the old programming will not be as predictable as it was in the past. New programming, such as that generated by the ruling elite/evil aliens can be effective for a while, but will probably take many unexpected turns later. In this world there are no real free choices. Almost everything is done by programming. Even the so-called choices are programmed choices. Because of evil programming, many cannot accept that there are two creations that are vastly different. One creation is of Truth, Love, Light, Beauty and Purity. The other is of Untruth, Error, Darkness, Ugliness and Death. Both creations use vastly different spiritual knowledge.

However, only true spiritual wisdom can help one towards true awareness. True spiritual wisdom is the result of acquiring true spiritual knowledge in addition to spiritual understanding. Knowledge without understanding can be very dangerous. The programming in this Virtual Reality is to have everyone accept untruth. When this programming breaks down, there will be bitter reprisals as evil ones turn on their own bosses and one another. There are less esoteric examples of programming that have been identified by researchers and medical science on Earth. These include: the influence of hormones on behaviour; the effects of certain foods (caffeine, chocolate, herbs etc.) and toxins (alcohol/drugs etc.); the effects of sounds (noise, certain music that affects people negatively – and music that soothes); the effects of sunlight or the lack of it; the effects of colours on people; the effects of movies, television etc.; the effects of lewd and pornographic materials. Often programming is done during sleep via dreams or other means. Dreams can be programmed to influence people’s emotional well-being and to affect their actions. Ultimately, all of these are programming agents, even though many try to explain away their effects as physiological, electrical or chemical occurrences/responses.

A lesser type of programming is called conditioning, which takes longer to instil and usually requires repetition. Conditioning is easier for the victim to break than most other programming. Hard-wired programming (genetics, internal time clocks such as life spans, different stages of development including ageing etc.) is very difficult to overcome. Some programming comes across as impulsive behaviour. Subliminal programming is used very widely in marketing various products and services. The economy is kept “humming” with programming aimed at consumers.
Darkness uses Its programmed “robots” and “demons” to promote fads, lifestyles, political “choices”, wars, hatred, belief systems, religions and many other things.

A lot of pressure is applied to young people to conform to the latest crazes, which can include the acceptance of pornography, paedophilia, alternative lifestyles, promiscuity, deception, a hedonistic life, drug/alcohol abuse etc. Those who do not respond to the programming are subjected to ridicule and labelled as weird or uncool. The main goal of these programmed is to extract as much energy as possible, particularly from young people, because they are the ones bubbling with energy.

As stated earlier, the unseen levels of programming are breaking down due to the intervention of the Light, and this will filter down more and more to the physical level. However, some forms of programming will continue until the very end of the Virtual Reality. New forms of programming are targeting through sex, which is why pornography and paedophilia are on the increase. The internet is one of the ruling elite’s most effective means of spreading many of the new forms of programming.

While the unseen programmers will be having more and more difficulty in the future, programming by humans aimed at other humans will intensify. In fact, much of the war between the Reptilians and the Vulturites will be fought with conflicting programming that will affect many on the mental level. The confusing, conflicting and irreconcilable messages coming from the opposing sides of evil will have devastating effects on people’s mental and physical health.

Programming through religion used to be a very powerful tool. Although religious programming is no longer as powerful, it is still a formidable programming agent. The weakening of religious programming is, in one sense, by design by Darkness at this time, because many of the alien alliances will require the participating parties to become detached from religious differences. Aliens can programme people by using beams loaded with specific programming that are directed at various victims. This can be done en masse, or individually. Sometimes these beams are directed via satellites through computers, television broadcasts, telephones, sporting events, crowded malls, schools, advertisements etc. Superficial physical attraction between males and females is claimed to be chemical compatibility or chemical attraction, when, in fact, in most cases, it is based upon programming. When programming wears off, relationships often fall apart.

Although many broken relationships appear to be caused by financial, religious, political, sociological differences, in fact many ruptured because of the interplay of various types of programming. When conflicting programming is directed at a person, the stronger programming ultimately prevails over the weaker programming. As mentioned earlier, everything works on programming, except some of the things that go deeper – those that come from the heart – which can result in temporarily overcoming the artificial programming of this world.

The expressions of unconditional love/true love/compassion are such examples. Humans, animals and plants express emotions. Emotional responses are programmed responses. The emotional body is a programmable structure created by Darkness to extract energy. For example, the response to programmed fear can cause a person to lose a lot of energy. Programming can take many forms. The notoriously popular “f—” word is one such form, which is a far more powerful programming agent than most could begin to suspect. Children pick it up from movies, television, school, family, peers and the general environment. It is commonly heard on public transportation and can hardly be avoided. The main promoter of this programming word is Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry.

This word is stupidly viewed as fashionable. The constant repetition of this word is like the infectious advertising jingles or musical quips that eventually grip you after they are repeated over and over again. In the end, even the most careful people can automatically blurt out the word in anger or frustration. People who use it regularly think they do it out of habit – others have claimed that using it gives them power or releases frustration. What they do not suspect is that whatever the effect on them, there is a very dangerous hidden agenda behind the word. That agenda is to weaken one’s Will, which is the most treasured trophy desired by Darkness.

Even many of the “righteous” ones who supposedly oppose the use of the “f—” word are in fact part of the complementary programming by Darkness to further empower the word. This is not unlike corrupt, drug-pushing police chasing drug dealers or churches operating brothels. These examples show the complicated nature of programming. Very few who oppose the use of the “code” word are intuitively aware of its hidden evilness.

The use of the “f—” word can enter the aura and psyche of individuals who use or hear it. Like a passive smoker who can be affected by second-hand smoke, a passive hearer of this word is in grave danger. It goes without saying that any active user of the word should be avoided by all who seek Purity. The weakening of the Will is mainly caused by this word in this day and age. The word works on many levels. It can be used to direct anger towards men, women and children; cruelty towards animals and fellow humans; paedophilia; greed for worldly success etc. It also works on the literal level, enticing people to become sexually promiscuous. Some women are now using vulgar language so frequently that many men blush when they hear them talk. Nowadays, many sophisticated women are programmed to think that profanity is cool, and some women say that using the “f—” word makes them feel liberated and in control.How wrong they are!

Young people are targeted so much that they are easily programmed to become promiscuous at a very young age – in fact, promiscuity has become so fashionable that young people are pressured into it in order to be accepted as being cool. The word is also used to spread the use of drugs/alcohol and other addictions. This word should not be underestimated in its negative influences on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

It lays the fertile groundwork for acceptance of other forms of programming. There is an enormous negative powerhouse behind this word. It is a very effective tool of Darkness. It exists in almost every language, however the English form is the most potent at this time. By being conscious of not giving over your Will to Darkness and sincerely resisting Darkness’ efforts to entice you, you are exercising one of your most impervious shields to safeguard your spiritual “blueprint”. Thus, even though Darkness can destroy your body, It cannot touch your spirit as long as you retain your Will by rejecting Darkness. Even if people lack understanding of the nature of programming, being aware that it is constantly being directed at them will remind them to take steps to mitigate its effects upon their lives. That is why people say that they can alter fate. This is a world that facilitates programming and deters resistance to programming.

Therefore, it is an arduous task to overcome programming on this level. However, this does not excuse away the accountability of individuals for their thoughts, words and deeds because humans are not merely sophisticated, programmed robots, they have the Will to resist. As stated earlier, instinct is the result of programming. The opposite of instinct is intuition. Intuition comes from within when occasionally something breaks the effects of the current programming that is being directed at the populations. Intuition is a form of intervention, like a connection to a being’s original Source, whether this Source is the False Light or True Light, depending on the essence of the individual.

So, True-Light beings and False-Light beings can be assisted by intuition, which is a little like having someone shouting in a crowd and it being sensed or nearly overheard by the recipient. That is why even beings of Darkness can be intuitive. The more important type of intuition is that of True-Light beings that retain their Will (the viables). Intuition is one way of connecting to the Divine within. The Divine is trying to get messages through to all the viable True-Light beings, which is why it is beneficial for them to turn within. The more connected and spiritually purified they become, the less susceptible they are to external negative programming. The Light also assists beings who are striving for connection when they are in their dream states.

At present, there are True-Light workers who are involved with a new type of mathematics, which is called visual mathematics. This is primarily based upon colour and sound and reveals the intent, strength, weaknesses, tendencies and overall regard of various consciousnesses. Visual mathematics will be used by the Light as a form of deprogramming on the subtle level to assist all the viable beings in overcoming the negative programming. This is why certain sounds and colours will soon be directed by the True-Light workers to counteract the Dark programming.

It is up to everyone to resist all types of negative programming. Intuition can be of assistance in making better choices. Turning within and connecting to the Divine spark within can help override the massive programming by Darkness that is constantly bombarding people. Turning your thoughts towards Purity can also help in resisting negative programming. Using the Pinto-Centre sound helps to establish the connection to your higher self, which in turn assists in guiding you and also helping you in overcoming the effects of negative programming through strengthening of your Will. Global dimming is currently being exposed, which means that Darkness’ programming message that “the world will continue as always” is breaking down. Global dimming is a term used by scientists to explain the phenomenon that less sunlight is reaching the planet, primarily because of extended pollution, which forms a blanket that shields the earth from some of the sun’s rays. Scientists are very worried because they have discovered that although global dimming is significant, the Earth is still warming.

Scientists would have everyone believe that there is nothing wrong with the sun itself, despite all the signs to the contrary indicating that the sun is much hotter than it has been in the past. Solar flares are off the scale and ultraviolet rays are so intensified that everyone is being warned of the danger of skin cancer from exposure to the sun. But scientists do not want us considering the sun as the culprit because there is nothing they can do about the hotter sun, so they misdirect everyone to look at the less crucial issues such as the greenhouse effect, pollution and now even global dimming. Because funding of research is primarily granted by the ruling elite, things such as global dimming are generally hidden from the public. Scientists who promote it are ridiculed and their institutions are pressured to curtail such research.

However, the programming is breaking down because of the intervention of the Light. Current research that has been released publicly now estimates that global dimming shows that were it not for the pollution that shields the earth from the heating-up sun, the earth would be much hotter already. These estimates now forecast the end of much of the habitable land on earth by 2030. Given the situation, these forecasts are very conservative. These researchers are ignoring factors such as increased sunspots, solar flares, intensified ultraviolet levels, all of which are caused by a hotter sun. See Shattering the Cube. But the bells are sounding because the illusions are falling. The programming is failing, and soon it will come to the public consciousness that the Earth is gasping its last breaths.

In the end, it will boil down to evil against evil, since the True-Light beings will be evacuated and want nothing to do with evil plans of global domination. It was not too long ago that people were brainwashed into thinking that energy could not be destroyed. This is a typical example of people being programmed to accept scientific theories as facts, and further to test any new information with the false validity of those accepted theories. This is not confined to science. Any new information or thought that does not conform to existing conventional paradigms or beliefs is considered as false.

As Arthur Schopenhauer aptly stated:
All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
The belief that energy in this false creation cannot be destroyed is no longer true due to many reasons. Energy from the False-Light Creation can be transmuted and CAN now be destroyed. This will soon be self-evident.
Humans are not merely programmed robots as long as they do not give their precious Will over to Darkness.

GUARD YOUR WILL WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH AND DETERMINATION. When you do this, you are reaching out to the Divine, which is the Source of your Strength to resist until your Liberation is achieved.

Liberation from Darkness is at hand.

~Amitakh Stanford


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