Amazing Painting of Lord Jesus Christ

There is no doubt that whenever we see an image of the Christ, it moves something within our hearts that no one can explain. Is it not?

Some of us think that it is because of the light imprint within his image. Within his name. Within his male dominant light body that obviously it touches our spirit soul, that is His. That is Him whether anyone acknowledge this or not.

His presence, matters not in what form, does not have any shadows. Does not have any darkness and thus the feeling within our hearts when we encounter his presence. When we encounter his image.

We cannot help but see hope from Him. Within Him. Or perhaps see or sense some kind of liberation from Him, from the state we find ourselves in. And it is obvious that we feel this way, due the fact that only the Christ. Or the Christ light. Or the body of Christ can wash away, and or destroy our darkness. And or destroy our vices. Only gradient fire can do this. Only Holy gradient fire can do this within the Heart Temple. Within our Heart Temple.

The Christ’s gradient fire that is Holy pure.

He is the spark of light from Father Mother God, that Knows everything. He is the son/daughter from Father Mother God created in the form of a human BEING, that is pure consciousness, created from pure Holy light.

And he resides at everyone heart’s temple until we are ready for acknowledging Him. Until we are ready to join Team Christ. Until we are ready to jump to highest territory.

The man is very powerful. The Holy man is very powerful. The Christ light is very powerful. It has to be powerful because it holds the frequency of Love! It holds the power of love.

The love we are talking about here is magnetic. It attracts. It creates. It holds the key of creation. It holds the key of liberation. It holds the key of knowledge. It holds the key of truth. It holds the key of logic. Of reason. Of courage. Of bravery. Of happiness. Of healing. Of purification. Of authenticity. It holds the key of eternal life.

Enough said.

During these challenging times, pray to your inner heart for direction. For protection for you and your family. Pray for guidance. Pray for clarity. Pray for health. Courage. Wisdom. Pray for your country. Pray for prosperity. Unity. Harmony. Worldwide.

Blissing be upon everyone.

Amen. Amen. Amen.


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