Creator possess all the wealth of the universe, and as a child of Creator that we are, we inherit his wealth as well.  There it is no reason for anyone on this planet to be lacking of any basic needs nor be abuse with deceit by tyrants that take away our gods giving rights and inheritance.  We need to break away from the fear and regain our power with confidence within us because after all it is we individually that needs to ASK. Your God within is waiting for you to take action; he needs to hear your asking and you need to be open to the possibilities. Also remember that being ignorance of our power is really what is keeping us in the place we are today, believe it or not.


Creator is a great God, he is also a magician, and very funny indeed. I call Him personally “my magic man, or old wizard, or my love, or know it all!” Someday I will share more about the many direct experiences I have had. But since some of you might be wondering I will share this one magic trick creator played on me not too long ago. Sit down because we think that you are going to laugh.


One day I received this letter that said that it is time to renew my annual membership to the magazines I subscribed long, long time ago, and that I pay every month. Immediately I looked at my checking book and revised everything carefully, and truly I did not see any deduction coming out of my checking every month, nor did I ever give to any magazines company any authorization, nor have I ever received any magazines! You can imagine how I feel by now, and ready to confront this fraud I called them.


When they answered, I got immediately to the point of the matter, and I asked them when did I ever give them authorization to deduct this fee every month from my personal account, and for how long this has been going on? They told me that it has been three years, and that I have being paying twenty-one dollar every month!


I said, “Wait a minute, something is terribly wrong here because I never gave you any authorization for this nor have I ever received any magazines! I want for you to immediately take me off of your list, but most important I want all my money back since the day this fraud started.”


They took my address and without any hesitation they told me that the money would be refund as soon as possible.  Great I answered, and making sure that I was on the record I said that I will be waiting for seven hundred and fifty two dollars in the mail within a week time.


I was more than happy when the money came to my mailbox, but then I started to think about the “Old Wizard”, was he really was up to something?  Immediately everything came to the light and I started to laugh my ass off. I said, “You did this didn’t you? Well thank you very much! You are the man, you are the magic man!” And do you know why I think this happened, because a week earlier I had giving to someone  six hundred dollar that was in the deepest of needs. I did not hesitated or asked anything, I just helped her from my heart. She was so happy that even her children wanted to talk to me! I just said, “I love you guys, enjoy!”


Once one have developed this trust, this relationship with your god within everything will be magic, I know this for sure. There has been times when I said, “you know what, this third dimension is no picnic you know that right? All right then since you know that then you have to show me the way, guide me, and help me out here that is all. You do that please.”


So what am trying to say here is that not only do we need to ask, but we also need to be ready for that that we are asking for because if we are not ready, even if it were to manifest in front of our eyes that that we asked for, we will not see it, we will not receive it. Therefore it is very important that we send our request with love and intention, then with vigilance, and as if by magic we should see it, and we should receive it in our hands.


Remember that we must share our wealth with others, and if you are asking creator for wealth to indulge yourself, chances are that you will be poor for a long time. Creator knows your intentions even before you thinketh, so I believe it is always to our advantage to humble ourselves to our own maker.


Learn these affirmations by heart, and every evening before going to bed, and in the position of a meditative state say it with all your heart and confidence within. Do this as well in the morning before starting your day.


1- Affirmations:

“O Father, I want prosperity, health, and wisdom without measure, not from earthly sources but from Thine all-possessing, all-powerful, all-bountiful hands.”


2- Affirmation for material success:

Thou art my Father:

Success and joy.

I am Thy child:

Success and joy.

All the wealth of this earth,

All the riches of the universe,

Belong to Thee, belong to Thee.


I am thy child;

The wealth of the earth and universe

Belongs to me, belongs to me,

Oh belongs to me, belongs to me.

I lived in thoughts of poverty

And wrongly fancied I was poor,

So I was poor.


Now I am home. Thy consciousness

Hath made me wealthy, made me rich.

I am successful, I am rich;

Thou art my Treasure,

I am rich, I am rich


Thou art everything, Thou art everything.

Thou art mine.

I have everything, I have everything;

I am wealthy, I am rich.

I have everything, I have everything;

I possess all and everything,

Even as Thou dost, even as Thou dost.

I possess everything, I possess everything.

Thou art my Wealth,

I have everything.


May we all be happy









































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