A Reminder



It is important that we all as citizens of our nation educate ourselves of our God giving rights. The declaration of Independence is a sacred document giving to our Founding Fathers for us to keep not only in our homes but also under our pillows, this document is full of electrifying energy that would empower us to live our lives assured of our own power within. This document is vital that we read to our children at home, and in schools. It is also vital that we keep the Article of Confederacy, and the Magna Carta, to name just a few.

The time has come for us to do our own homework, and stop keeping ourselves entertained watching television, jumping around in a couch to that football game, and whatever nonsense television show is on. We need to take our country back from the tyranny before we do not have a country for our children, enough is enough of the ignorance, because whether you believe it or not, there are millions of doors open right now in front of you and because of your illusion you are not seeing it.

Rebuilding our nation is everyone responsibility, get involve now!



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