A Message For Law Enforcement



Actions have consequences. The only legitimate use of force in America against any citizen is when that citizen infringes on another citizen’s rights. The law has been perverted and Law Enforcement is charged today with enforcing laws in conflict with that principle… Your oath is to the Constitution, not the legislature. By enforcing laws that are in contravention of the Constitution you are making yourselves enemies of the people.

Being a cop isn’t an easy job but that doesn’t give you the authority to abuse the law or the citizens of this Republic. If the Supreme Law of this Land was adhered to, you’d be mostly cleaning up, after the more violent thugs were dealt with by armed citizens exercising their God-given right of self-defense; instead, by enforcing usurpatious legislation depriving citizens

of that right, YOU have to deal with them in ever increasing numbers. It isn’t long now before your enforcement of usurpation and abuse of the people reaches such a level that you find yourselves on the wrong side of a revolt. I’m sure you are aware of arm sales since that foreign agent usurper calling himself the President was imposed on us. The time is rapidly approaching where you will have chosen your side by where you stand in relation to your oath.

Not every cop is abusive but most of them cover up for those that are, making them just as dirty and giving police everywhere a more tarnished reputation in the eyes of the people. The more the Constitution is ignored by police and the judiciary the more injustice will tear the fabric of society until it comes apart. The thin blue line really doesn’t know just how thin it is until the people at arms rise up.

I miss the beat cops I knew when I was a child in Detroit… walked a beat, talked with people, helped kids like me, established a rapport with the community and actually made friends with us. What has happed to those guys?

“Every law passed by the legislature that is in contravention of the Constitution is not law and is void.

Anyone attempting to enforce legislation in contravention of the Constitution is enforcing usurpation, violating their oath of office.”


~Thomas Mick


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