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“Like the Sun, we must breathe, radiating out all life, and from all life we will receive our manna.”

“Love then is the most intelligent and creative force in the universe! It is literally the vine that ties and supports all life and creation together.”

A Merkaba is an amazing liquid light body energy field extending over 50 feet around a person’s body. The Merkaba is a living energy field. It is you and you are it. It is created using a special sequence of co-ordinated breaths and visualizations.

When you are able to think about your Merkaba field every day and feel that unconditional love is part of your everyday life, then the field has become permanent and you will no longer need to do the daily meditation. However, you may choose to carry on because you enjoy the experience! On average this is six months to one year after starting the daily routine.

Mer means light, Ka means spirit, Ba means soul.

Every single thing in the universe has a Merkaba field around it – even a planet. Once all humans had this knowledge, but in our fall from grace in Atlantis we forgot how to breathe correctly through the prana tube and how to maintain our Merkaba fields. We started to breathe instead through our noses and mouths. Human babies are born with an intact Merkaba (the baby’s fontanelle is the remnant of the prana tube entering the crown), but it collapses within a few days.

Creating a Merkaba

Surrounding your body is an energy sphere, sometimes called a biosphere. Within this space you can create the Merkaba – a wonderfully responsive thought-form. This is an ancient technology, hinted at through the ages, and given many names by various religious and philosophical systems. This has been a secret, closely guarded by the adepts and masters, only recently made available to those seeking transformation, enlightenment and ascension.

In the Keys of Enoch, J J Hurtak, refers to the Merkaba as a Vehicle of the Vehicles. He says the Merkaba can appear in numerous forms and colours and that it creates and controls time-shifting and the intersection of light dimensions. It is a global energy field, which exists outside time and space and thus works as a kind of geometry reference for outer manifestations.

The use of a Merkaba opens us considerably to other dimensions and is a sign of spiritual development. Hurtak observes that only a spiritually developed individual is able to invoke and control a Merkaba and will then automatically serve with higher intelligences. Certainly a Merkaba is an inter-dimensional time travel vehicle, a sort of UFO, which is self-created within the energy field, using concepts of Sacred Geometry.

The process, as taught by the Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Flower of Life programme, involves a sequence of 17 breaths. To accomplish this feat, a breathing technique is combined with visualization. The technique involves cleansing your star-tetrahedron auric field and using sacred geometry (no maths skills required!) to create an amazing protective liquid light energy field extending 50 feet around your body. It may seem a little complicated at first, but with time and dedication it is not difficult to master.

Joanna’s comment: Personally, I found meditation almost impossible until I tried this system. I found it very difficult to empty my mind of intrusive mundane thoughts, which constantly distracted me from the peaceful state I was seeking. The structured process of this technique meant that my concentration had to remain focused on the Merkaba creation and other thoughts were unable to penetrate. I have found the Merkaba routine totally life changing for the better, and I am now able to meditate in almost any format as a result.

Merkaba Meditation with Angels Course

In this exciting programme, the basic Merkaba technique has been enhanced by Angela McGerr., to take in the wonderful colours and energies of the angels relevant to the body’s chakra system. Angela, author of A Harmony of Angels and Harmony Angel Cards has created a system which combines a full body healing (and the facility for distant healing for others) into the daily Merkaba routine.

The Merkaba Meditation with Angels is taught by Angela McGerr as part of the Rainbow Eye Melchisadec Mystery School.


Drunvalo Melchizedek is the person primarily responsible for bringing back knowledge of the Merkaba to human consciousness. Drunvalo studied physics and art at the University of California at Berkeley, but personally feels that his most important education came after college. In the last 25 years he has studied with over 70 teachers from all belief systems and religious understandings, providing him with a wide breadth of knowledge, compassion and acceptance. He is a highly advanced being with phenomenal understanding of most things metaphysical and a close link with the Hopi Indian and many other Tribal Elders.

Not only is Drunvalo’s mind exceptional, but his heart, warm personality and love for life everywhere, positively exudes from him. He networks his teachings, including the Merkaba Meditation, through the Flower of Life Organisation (www.floweroflife.org). This teaching encompasses every area of human understanding, explores the development of mankind from ancient civilizations to the present day and offers clarity regarding the world’s state of consciousness and what is needed to maintain a smooth transition into the 21st century.

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