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The economy is one of the three easiest areas to spot flaws in the Earth Simulator (the other two being government and religion). For an example, lets look at the hourly fiat (simulated) income in the USA and compare it with what the Simulation charges for housing (as you know, the natural Earth does not charge for living on the land and provides a monthly income for everyone for as long as money is still utilized). A recent Huffington Post article spells it out clearly (click here to view the article).

As you see in the graphic above, the hourly minimum wage does not match the average cost of living. And while I am calling this a flaw in the Simulator, it may indeed be intentional on the part of the system in order to marginalize those who might challenge the status quo. It deepens the disparity between the “haves” and “have-nots”, emphasizes the social hierarchy and ultimately makes no sense. A first grader can see that this sort of system is doomed to failure. Anytime you see nonsense like this, you are looking at the Earth Simulator at work. = Cindy K Currier 6/23/2017

Note from the people:

The same people that run NASA= Earth Simulator, are the very same ones we call DEEP STATE= jewishcons-worldwide communists-terrorists-robotoids-demons organization= CFR (Counsel of Foreign Relations), that have enslaved humanity.

These entities are extremely dangerous for human existing, thus they need be exterminated as this is the wish: command from the people. The members of the CFR comes from all walks of life, where their membership cost to join this prestigious worldwide terrorist organization starts from $30- $100 thousand a year! Of which most politicians, THE BAR (British Accredited Registration, that for a fact they are buried= exterminated,  – = they know this),  the media, the Port Authority, the Insurance Commissioner, the US Postal Service, inclusive of top churches (local need to verify that their church is not a member of the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world= the CFR), are members.

These insane are the enemy for the American people, the ones that corrupted our government, the ones that owns the jail: prison for profit, the court system, the police mobs, and inclusive of all corporations, starting from Dunking donut to Starbuck, Monsanto, FDA=Bill Gate, Hollywood, no exceptions. The ones that took the freedom, liberty of the American people, and the world= the Jewishcons that call themselves Jews and are not. They are criminals that time come to pass.

Note: When we say Jewishcons, we are referring to a specific group of criminals, not the good Jewish people that are victims like everyone else from these criminals.

The American people are on the path to: for natural earth where the kingdom is+ the Christ Yahweh and his queen reign: where separation of races do not exists: abundance of our daily needs are met: where love, peace, and care for all living systems within our planet is the responsibility of: for everyone.

For more information navigate: = Responsibility. Are you ready? = this Article= CFR (Counsel of Foreign Relations= a worldwide terrorists-communist organization)= + destroy.

~ the people





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