If the Jews Lips are Moving, it’s a Lie








Yah= Yahweh= that is our creator that is incarnated here on earth as Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall= Yah= Yahweh= the universal Christ.

For the Christ is here bringing us the truth AS IS. For the truth has been hidden from us, so the Jews can declare themselves the chosen ones, unfortunately their time is UP!

Their biggest enemy is here: Yah= BLGM= the Christ exposing them for what they are= demons destroying the creations, and the planet.

NOT anyomore, for they are being destroy one by one at every corner of the world, starting within the united states of America, where their Home base is. We most certainly already started arresting the traitors calling themselves county Clerk of Courts, judges, the police, BAR members; even public notaries…associations…, corporations…, LLC… doctors…fucking politicians= state terrorists… Fucking religious traitors=pedophiles…

WE have you cover since 2012, and now is the culmination stage where you are in the final elimination period…

Exist no more.

Video: Part 1 of 2

Video: Part 2 of 2

Navigate: http://wetheonepeople.com/about-counsel-of-foreign-relations-cfr-expose-them/

http://wetheonepeople.com/if-the-jews-lips-are-moving-its-a-lie/ = this article

~ Yah and Ash: the people

so be it be it so.


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