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Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games — Babe Ruth


The following had already taken place yesterday, before sundown in New York City on Sunday November 20, 2016:

This date was the agreed upon official surrender moment and/or global power transition whereby the Pindar or Vicar of the Rome (aka Grey Pope; was to peacefully hand over humanity and Planet Earth back to Sovereign Hu-Man Elders (aka Keepers of the Global Collateral Accounts, led by Grandfather).

Below are 20 events that either occurred on or by November 20, 2016:

The Pope’s Special Jubilee Year Ended (denying future amnesty for any bad acting cabal members).

The Last Weekend Before The Winter Holiday Season to Stimulate Global Economy For 2017.

The Last Weekend of The 2016 Catholic Calendar Year & Final Year of Catholicsm’s Self-Imposed Rule Over Humanity.

G20 Leaders Were Gathered in Peru Over The Weekend For final Discussions of GESARA/Disclosure/GCR/RV.

All Central Banks of the World had Converted Over to The New Asian Based CIPS Financial System.

The 2016 US Presidential Elections Have Been Resolved And Republic Political Transition Plan Set.

A Clean Republican Majority Now Exists in All Branches of A Unified Republican US Government.

A Re-Issueing of Sovereign Bonds Globally Begins First Thing Monday Morning.

Private Exchange Couriers Were Deployed And Completed Their Assignment Benchmarks.

All Wars Between Nations Have Been Quelled With All Major Terrorist Conflicts Under Control.

The 2015 Paris Agreement Had Been Signed, Ratified by 55 Nations & 55% of Carbon Emitters and Put Into Force on November 5, 2016.

Restored Republic Congress and it’s President / Vice President-Elect Took An Oath of Office in Reno.

All Zimbabwe Sovereign Debt Was Either Paid Off or Forgiven By The IMF, World Bank and African Development Bank.

A New Issue of ZIM Bonds at Parity with USN Has Been Made Legal Tender and Announced in Print.

Redemption Center Employees Agreed in Majority to Work The Thanksgiving Holiday & Corresponding Weekend.

Restored Republic Currency Has Already Been Placed in Bank Vaults with The Gold Standard Re-Enacted by A Private Voting Republic Congress, Waiting for Public Presidential Signature.

Under One Month Remains Before The Electoral College Vote to Elect A Republic President & The Start of The Christmas Holiday Season.

The Cabal Pindar Slain & Minions Have Been Long Reduced to A Smoking Pile of Rubble.

Galactic Assistants Are Firmly In Place to Help With The Planet’s Energetic Transition & On-Planet Extra Terrestrial Life Disclosure.

GESARA Implementation Is Now Deemed Mandatory For All Sovereign Nations.

The Global Collateral Accounts Were Opened, Including The Matrix Funds Reserved Exclusively For Humanity’s Ascension (69 zeros).

So where is the RV, Grandfather? Perhaps where it’s always been, right under our noses waiting to be seen in God’s timing and way?

Everyone in the GCR/RV process now is completely frustrated at this point. And truthfully, that’s exactly how the NPTB want us to be and want to keep us. It seems that when a mass population is pathetic, confused and disillusioned — they’re easier to control, and thus a safer emotional environment for a global financial reset exists.

Clinically speaking, anyone paying close attention at this point, quite honestly either has nothing better to do or is unhealthily obsessed and should seek counseling — which few can afford because they’re waiting on the RV to convert — what a vicious circle.

There must be a good and healthy reason humanity has yet to see the reset publicly. It’s the only explanation, because no longer does the monetary transition hide in plain sight.


Aloha Ke Akua
(God is Love)


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